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Car Insurance Calculator: Calculate Car Insurance Premium Online

What is Motor Insurance Calculator?

An essential and valuable tool that makes your life very easy is a car insurance premium calculator. Every customer has specific requirements when it comes to car insurance. The basis on your needs, to calculate and evaluate insurance premiums available with various insurance companies, an insurance calculator is an essential tool. It helps you to calculate the premium that you need to pay for your car and compares the different insurance policies offered by various companies. With the help of a car insurance premium calculator, you can choose the best insurance policy for your car.

One can always go to the insurance company directly in concern of a specific plan from that particular insurance company. Having insurance from a particular company refrain you from choices. Whereas, if purchased from an aggregator, you get multiple options to select the best policy. The process of calculating car insurance premiums with an aggregator is easy and fast. All you have to do is visit the aggregator website. Enter a few details like the make, model, registration number, manufacturing year of the car, compare plans available with various insurance companies*, and purchase the best-suited policy for your car. You get the insurance policy instantly over mail.

In the emerging digital era, when we are dependant on the internet for almost every work, if you are looking forward to having a car insurance policy, RenewBuy is the place. Visit RenewBuy. Go to the car insurance premium calculator here. Enter a few details and get the list of quotes from leading insurers based on their different premium rates, choose the one which suits your requirement, make the payment, and get the policy on your email instantly.

The car insurance calculator works for a new car insurance policy or calculation of a pre-owned car.

Scenarios on which a Car insurance calculator works on

For Pre-Owned Cars:

To have insurance for a pre-owned car, one has to fill in details of car like- car type (commercial or private), fuel type (CNG/Petrol), details of existing policy, car owner details, previous year claim details.

New Car:

Whenever a car is purchased, it automatically comes with the basic insurance policy, which is TP Only Insurance policy. Further to take a comprehensive insurance plan along with the TP Only insurance, one has to fill in the details like - make and model of the car, type of car, year of purchase etc. and then click on the Get Quotes button. 

Car Insurance Renewal:

Getting insurance at first place is indeed a wise decision; renewal of the policy is equally necessary. It saves you from the legal aspect and helps to mitigate the cost involved in case of any eventuality. One can always go for add-ons if required during renewal. Don't be surprised, if after opting for add-ons raises the premium costs, it is useful and mitigates the expenses in case of any eventuality.

Car Insurance Calculator Benefits

Using an online car insurance calculator has many benefits. It makes the process of buying a policy for your car easy as you have already gone through the calculations.

Multiple choices available with insurers:

If you go to an aggregator car insurance calculator, you get to see numerous insurance companies. It helps you to get various choices available in the market.

Freedom to compare:

The more insurance companies the aggregator has a tie-up with, the more options a buyer receives for comparison.

Easy and Fast:

As the aggregator premium calculator is online, users can fill in the details either on the phone or on a laptop/computer screen. It then becomes easy and fast for them to see the available options and process things ahead.

A decision is all yours:

While taking insurance from an aggregator, you get access to multiple choices available with insurers to compare and select a best-suited policy for your car. The agents can't docile you to take particular car insurance. You get options to compare and purchase the affordable and suitable one for your car.

**Aggregator has a tie-up with

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