Car Insurance Claim

Car insurance claim facility helps you mitigate the effect of financial losses to your car under circumstances of natural calamity, theft or accident. Careful selection of car insurance ensures good cover during unforeseen incidents. The entire process of claiming the insurance appears to be strenuous to many.


But, here are the benefits that you can have if you invest a little time in your research:

  1. Covering medical expenses that you bear during the post-accident phase
  2. Payments towards the damage of the insured vehicle
  3. Covering the loss/damage caused to a third party
  4. Availability of pick-up services
  5. Cover for damages caused by man-made calamities


You must be very adroit at handling all the paperwork since you will have to correctly fill up details like

  1. Policy number along with the date of beginning and end of your policy
  2. License of the driver
  3. Registration of the vehicle


Helping you to be aware of the car insurance claim process, we at RenewBuy have taken the bid to offer guidance on what you should do after meeting an accident or getting to know about damage caused to your car.

  1. Informing the insurance company is the first and foremost task that you will have to do after being aware of the damage. It just eases the entire process as they guide you on what to do next
  2. The second step is to file a FIR as the insurance company would require some kind of ‘proof of loss’ issued by the police as that is the initial proof that your vehicle has suffered a damage
  3. The third step is to have your car towed down to nearest network garage and have it evaluated by the surveyor who inspects the damage
  4. On Completion of the survey and scrutiny of your car insurance claim request, the insurance company will send an approval to the garage for the estimated repair costs. 

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