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Car Insurance Claims: All you need to know before making an Insurance Claim

Car Insurance Claims

Having car does not means easing your life only, in fact along with the comfort it also brings worries in your life. It is true that car generally makes the mode of transportation easy, but one should be clear about the uninvited problems of having a car. First of all, you have to decide upon which car you should buy as there are so many companies which provides different models and variants of cars available in the market. Next step is to buy a car insurance policy for your new car which is again a matter of thorough research. As there are so many insurance providers who offers different policies to the customers. Once bought the policy, your next worry would be, what will happen if my car hit someone, bang somewhere or met with an accident? One small dent cost big these days so what if the damage cost in an accident will be high. How will I proceed further to get a claim against my policy?

Many such questions will be running in your mind. So here is the answer.

Car insurance claim facility helps you mitigate the effect of financial losses to your car under circumstances of natural calamity, theft or accident. Careful selection of car insurance as well as the insurer ensures a good coverage during unforeseen incidents. The entire process of claiming car insurance appears to be strenuous to many. Doing a proper research on the claim process of an insurer as well as the inclusion of the policy is a way better than blaming the insurance company.

This will be beneficial if a detailed research has been done on the policy you want to buy and the provider from whom you are planning to buy. Here are the benefits that you can have if you invest a little time in your research:

  • Covering medical expenses that you bear during the post-accident phase
  • Payments towards the damage of the insured vehicle
  • Covering the loss/damage caused to a third party
  • Availability of pick-up services
  • Cover for damages caused by man-made calamities

In order to make claims from your insurer after an accident, you need to follow below four steps:

Notify insurance company:  The most important thing you have to do is after an accident intimate the insurance company from where you have bought your car insurance within the period of two to three days. Mostly all the companies follow their own timelines mentioned in the police documents. In case of accident, if you are claiming from your insurer make sure that inform the insurer within three days and if you failed to do so, the company has the right to refuse to process your claim and you might lose it.

Police Report: It is always good to file FIR immediately after an accident and keep the copy of same with you. As the insurance company would require some kind of ‘proof of loss’ issued by the police as that is the initial proof that your vehicle has suffered a damage. If you do not lodge a FIR, you might not get your claim from the insurer.

Evaluation: It is compulsory to evaluate the damage caused to your vehicle. Once you intimate the insurer about the accident, the insurer will send a surveyor who will inspect your car damage and make a report of the extent of damage accordingly.

Claim Settlement: Once the inspection is done and report has been made by the surveyor, the insurer will then send an approval for the estimated repair cost to you and the garage both. Once, the insurer will agree upon the damage cost and the timeline for repair, the garage will start repairing your car.

You must be very adroit at handling all the paperwork since you will have to correctly fill up details like:

  • Policy number along with the date of beginning and end of your policy
  • License of the driver
  • Registration of the vehicle

Helping you to be aware of the car insurance claim process, we at RenewBuy have taken the bid to offer guidance on what you should do after meeting an accident or getting to know about damage caused to your car.

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