Uncomplicating Car Insurance

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Got a new car? Congratulations. Now you need to get it insured as early as possible, else as per Indian law, you won’t be able to drive your newly purchased car on public roads. Nowadays the ease of buying car insurance along with multiple players in the market has spoilt the car owner for choice when it comes to selecting car insurance. New India Assurance car insurance online is a great option to protect your car when you are looking for an insurance policy.

Why do you need an insurance policy?

Road accidents are on the rise and India is fast emerging as a leader in this unfortunate state. You need to make sure that you aren’t devoid of financial assistance at the time of an accident. This is why it is critical to choose a good car insurance policy like the one offered by New India Assurance. With great features, their policy can be an incredible protective cover for your vehicle in case you are involved in an unfortunate accident.

New India Assurance Car Insurance can offer you with two types of covers:


Package policy:

It covers any damage or loss to the vehicle. The coverage extends to both – damage to third party property or vehicles, as well as your car.

The coverage under package policy will span:

  • Damage to car due to fire or use of incendiary materials
  • Malicious Act.
  • Act of terrorism that results in damage to car
  • Any Natural calamity like flood or storms
  • Damage incurred due to earthquake or floods etc.
  • Accidental external means: While in transit by road, lift, inland waterway, air or elevator

Liability only policy:

The Liability only policy extends coverage for physical injury liability or/and property damage and death only in case of the third party. Personal Accident cover for the insured is also a part of the New India Assurance policy.

Exclusions under this policy


If the incident occurred with the insured under the influence of liquor or a banned substance, then there is no liability on the insurance company to pay up


If the accident happened when the vehicle breached ‘limitations of use’. This is in the case when the purpose differs like for instance; user starts using private car as a cab


If the driver isn’t carrying a valid license at the time of the accident, then too there is no liability on the insurance provider

New India Assurance Car Insurance Renewal Make you avail the Coverage for Long-Term

You can take benefit of long-term services of insurance policies by getting your policy renewed on time at regular intervals. Earlier, the process involved visiting the nearest branch office, submitting of application, payment of requisite amount and then waiting for the renewed policy to be mailed to you. However, with the Internet, everything can now be accomplished in a matter of a few clicks. New India Assurance car insurance renewal online facility is very quick and hassle- free, through which you can stay secured up to the entire duration of the coverage.

No- claim bonuses (NCB) offered on the renewal of the policy, usually lie in the range of 20% to 50%. The actual percentage depends on the vehicle type and the number of years there has been no claim made on the insurance policy. As with every policy, the renewal should be done within 90 days of policy expiry.