Renew Car Insurance Policy Online

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Renew Car Insurance Policy, Online Car Insurance Renewal

It is an offence to ride without valid insurance on Indian roads, as mandated by motor vehicle act, 1988. A last-minute dash is best avoided by doing a Car Insurance Renewal on time and every time. Moreover, the more time you take to renew your expired policy, tough it gets for renewal. It is always advisable to renew it before it lapses.

Why is the timely Renewal of Car Insurance Needed?

As per the motor vehicle act, 1988, it is mandatory for all the vehicles plying on the road to get insured. Driving without valid insurance can put you in trouble and make you shed penalty. Insurance always helps to mitigate the cost of the financial damage involved, in case of any eventuality. Getting car insurance renewal before it lapses can avoid inconveniences such as a potential increase in premium. The renewal process becomes lengthy in case the policy lapses. Whereas, timely renewal gives you peace of mind and saves you from paying any additional fine. You can save money, get discounts, and find the best deals online. One can compare different plans available with insurers and renew your policy hassle-free.

How to Renew Car Insurance Online?

Gone are the traditional methods of issuance and renewal of car insurance policy. In this tech-savvy world, when everything is happening online, issuance and renewal can also be done online and in a paperless and hassle-free manner. Approaching a manufacturer for car insurance renewal will constrain you from choices to choose. Whereas, going to an aggregator always gives you an option to compare the plans available with multiple insurance companies. Depending on the coverage and discounts that a company is offering, one can choose the best available option as per the requirement.

Things to Keep in Mind During the Online Renewal Process of Car Insurance Policy

Analyze whether there are clauses that are making you pay for the coverage you don’t need. Drop them; it will save you money. Find out the benefits and the coverage you want to have in your insurance plan. Renewal of your car insurance in advance before expiry is always a wise decision. Usually, it is advisable to renew it 15 days (in case of the same state) 45 days (in case of another state) before the car insurance expiry. This way, if a price hike or inflation happens by the time your policy gets expired, your price is locked in, and you are not required to pay the extra cost for the same, as you have by that time renewed your policy.

Documents you Need for Car Insurance Renewal

It is important to compare different car insurance policies offered in the market. One can either straightaway visit the insurance company’s office or can look into the plans offered by the insurer online. Going online saves time as well as efforts and several facilities are being provided online for potential customers to understand the policy thoroughly. Comparing as well as evaluating these plans helps you make an informed decision on the plan that is most suitable for you.


Registration Certificate-

At the time of renewal of car insurance plan, one must carry his/her registration certificate. An RC contains your full name, address, car make and model details, type of vehicle, car registration number etc.


Driving License-

Driving License is yet another required document for policy renewal.


Previous year insurance policy-

Previous year insurance policy is an optional, document needed in case of absence of RC and DL.


To make the renewal process even swifter, one has to keep the documents mentioned above ready. Having these documents handy will be an added help while filling out the details required for renewal and make the payment.