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Car Insurance Renewal - Renew Car Insurance Policy Online

Car Insurance Renewal

Getting your vehicle insured in India is mandatory. It is an offence in our country to ride without valid insurance. A last minute dash is best avoided by doing a Car Insurance Renewal on time and every time. Moreover, the more time you take to renew your expired policy harder it gets to get it done. The best thing is to Renew Car Insurance online 15 - 20 days prior to the date of expiration.
However, before you pick a policy, keep the following things in mind.

No Claim Bonus (NCB)

After the lapse of your policy, if 3 months or 90 days have passed without renewal, you are not entitled to the twelve-monthly cumulative NO CLAIM BONUS (NCB) discount. If you have not claimed your NCB for over 4 years, it could well amount to 45-50%. Would you like to lose that? The wisest thing is to do timely Renewal of your Car Insurance.

Comparing insurance policies on Online Car Insurance Renewal sites

While renewing your Car insurance Policy, it is important to do a comparison of different policies available online because if done manually, it can be a time consuming and tedious task. A thorough preliminary groundwork can save up to 50-60% if one renews car insurance online.

Then why are we depriving ourselves of these benefits? To make it easy for you, RenewBuy helps you compare various policies all at one place at the same time. Within just a few clicks you will have the best-suited policy for your car issued instantly. All you need to do is choose wisely and enjoy possibilities of getting extra benefits on your policy at RenewBuy.

To renew the policy and get the best deal one needs to do few simple things:

  • Maintain Good driving profile and low claims records
  • Always renew your policy in Time
  • Prompt Car Insurance Renewal Online

The policy when renewed from the same insurer may give you some added benefits. They may offer you the best deal available in the market and in the case of lapsed insurance they are the good Samaritans to count on.

Car Policy covers the following:

Third Party Liability

Own Damage protection: covers financial loss due to car’s accident or theft

The main reasons to Renew Car Insurance

  • Protection against financial loss due to Theft or accident involving your car
  • Protection against the financial loss due to third party liability which can be huge in case of injury or loss of life
  • Legally required: without a valid insurance policy you cannot bring the car on road

RenewBuy provides one stop solution to all these concerns. So, go ahead and pick your policy right away.

“Prevention is better than cure.” This phrase holds very true for a car insurance policy. In India, it is compulsory to get your vehicle insured, as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1998. It’s always better to get a car insurance and do the car insurance renewal on time before it lapses. The more time you consume to renew your expired car insurance renewal, the tougher it is to get this step done. So, renewing it prior to the due date will be a smart step. And this is where RenewBuy comes to your assistance with its feature-packed website.

Why is timely renewal of car insurance needed?

Getting car insurance renewal online done on time before its due date will avoid inconveniences such as a latent increase in premium cost as well as the need for getting a vehicle inspection carried out.

Here are the things to remember before doing a car insurance renewal. You can save money, get discounts, and find the best deals through RenewBuy. Here you can compare different plans and purchase problem-free.

Key Benefits of Car Insurance Renewal with RenewBuy

If you are nearing a due date and want to save time and money in the renewal of car insurance then you definitely ought to check out the intuitive, yet easy-to-understand interface of RenewBuy. With us, you can compare multiple policies at one go. This way, you not only carry out car policy renewal research work smartly but also save time and effort visiting multiple insurance company offices and then determining their insurance premium amounts.

Our experts at RenewBuy are available as per your convenience to provide you fair advice and information to clear your confusion and help you through the process of selecting and buying the most appropriate online car insurance renewal. Once you buy the right policy, the process is as effortless as making instant tea. With no pages of forms to fill and fast online payment option, your car policy renewal document will be delivered directly to your inbox.


Car Insurance Policy Renewal Checklist

  • Type of policy: Third party insurance is compulsory in India. But there is comprehensive cover as well and offers a much better degree of protection than third party coverage.
  • NCB: When you renew your car insurance, make sure to factor in the NCB discount you can avail of.
  • Depreciation value: Every car undergoes certain depreciation in market value with each passing year. You need to know the market value and the depreciation value to get the best deals from your insurance company.
  • The Add-ons: Your premium amount will be revised based on the number of add-ons you choose to attach to your car insurance policy.

Check out the plans and get all the information you need for online car insurance renewal.


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