According to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 it is compulsory for all vehicle owners, to purchase an insurance policy so that the vehicle can be driven on the road. A good insurance coverage lets you extract more benefits from the policy for less. It protects the third party claims to personal injury or body damage. Comprehensive coverage will also protect your car and pay for your hospitalisation after an accident. An Insurance certificate must be taken in the vehicle as an evidence of the insurance. Along with driving license and RC book, Indian motor laws mandatorily require a valid and currently valid insurance policy to be taken on the vehicle being driven by the owner.

Tata AIG Car Insurance Company understands the requirements of customers and provides Motor Insurance policies that offer added security for the vehicle that you love the most. Its car insurance policy comes in two forms –


1 – Third party coverage – Protects claims of third party car damaged in an accident.

2 – Comprehensive coverage – Along with third party insurance, it also provides protection against damage to own car and hospitalisation costs to own self


Take a short look at major highlights of Tata AIG car insurance policy:



Third Party Cover

Up to 7.5 L

Cashless Network Garages


Incurred Claim Ratio*


Net Earned Premium*


Covers Provided

Basic Cover, Road Side Assistance

*For The year 2015-2016


The Tata AIG Car Insurance Online covers the below-mentioned features:

Understanding the woes of customers, Tata AIG Car Insurance Online provides the following features:

  1. Better protection with the help of unique add-on covers (available in four convenient packages- Gold, Pearl, Titanium and Platinum). This ensures that your specific needs are covered adequately without going for an expensive All-in-One coverage.
  2. Road Side Assistance Cover for just Rs 116 excluding the service tax is available for your private car
  3. The policy also provides the facility of cashless claims and direct settlement at specified garages. This saves time as you can get your car repaired quickly.
  4. No Claim Bonus remains in force even if a claim is paid for the repair of glass/ plastic/ fibre/ rubber parts of the car under the insurance policy.
  5. The policy offers zero salvage deduction and provides total peace of mind to policyholders


Tata AIG Car Insurance Exclusions

Despite the benefits mentioned above, Tata AIG covers certain situations wherein the service provider isn’t liable to make any payments:

  1. Consequential loss
  2. Depreciation/wear and tear
  3. Breakdowns/failures/breakage - mechanic/electric
  4. Tyre/Tube damage other than during car damage
  5. Driving while intoxicated
  6. Occurrences outside the specified geographical limits
  7. Occurrences beyond specified usage limits
  8. Inadmissible claims
  9. Events at the hand of an unauthorised driver
  10. Nuclear damage
  11. Eventualities of war or related activities
  12. There are exclusions specific to each of the add-on covers.


Tata AIG Car Insurance Renewal

To have your car secured for a lifetime, you need to make Tata AIG Car Insurance Renewal regularly. Thanks to its electronic record keeping format, once you enter your details into the service provider’s database, you need not re-enter them repeatedly at every renewal. The system automatically fetches your details when you apply for renewals on your existing policy.

Tata AIG Car Insurance Renewal Online is the best choice for timely renewal of your policy without putting so much effort thus making the entire process quick, easy and convenient. However, it is vital that you read the document properly at the time of renewal.

Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited is widely used in the industry because of its reliable and high-quality services. For any query or issues, users are allowed to get in touch with the customer agents of Tata AIG on the toll-free number.

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