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Third Party Insurance for Car

Third Party insurance for Car in India is the bare minimum requirement to avoid any legal penalty under Motor vehicle Act of India.

Well, third party insurance for car or any other motor vehicle includes the following –

Legal liability towards third party/person – In case of damage/injury/death caused by your vehicle (covered under third party insurance) to another person’s vehicle/property/person, your insurer will be liable to pay that person the damages as covered in your policy.

Damage caused to you or your vehicle is not covered under the third party

People tends to buy third party insurance in order to avoid legal penalty and save some money on the policy premium though they end up paying higher by the end of year as during a year they face minimum of 1 occasion where they need a job on their car.

Due to above-mentioned reasons strongly believes that third party insurance for car should not be purchased in the best interest of its customers and minimum of comprehensive policy should be purchased as third party does not cover damage to you or your vehicle. is easily accessed through a minimum of internet connection or your 2G connection on your mobile device and helps you find the best motor vehicle policy at lowest price instantly.

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