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Iffco-Tokio Car Insurance

Iffco-Tokio Motor Insurance company has been offering multiple vehicle insurance policies in India for a while now, and the brand has a reputation for providing the top motor insurance. Apart from the insurance policies, the company offers excellent services, which we will discuss in this post.

To become a market leader, the company wants to increase the importance of customer happiness. Trade success depends on gaining the confidence of consumers, cooperatives, investors, businesses, and the sector. The goal of Iffco-Tokio is to encourage the expansion and improvement of the non-life insurance industry, and the focus is on motor insurance. So, there will be more developments in this category.

Iffco-Tokio Car Insurance at a Glance

Let us look at the features of Iffco-Tokio Vehicle Insurance:

Particulars Specifications
Premium Save Upto 70% on Premiums
Claim Process Smartphone enabled self-inspections
Customer Support 24*7
Cashless Garages 4300+ Cashless Garages
Add-ons You get multiple Iffco-Tokio car insurance add-ons.

The data has been sourced from the company's website.

Key Features & Benefits of Iffco-Tokio Car Insurance

Iffco-Tokio Vehicle insurance provides full coverage and optional add-ons to improve coverage. Let us look at some of the key features and benefits of Iffco-Tokio Motor insurance.

  • Super-Fast Claim Settlement process: Iffco-Tokio Car Insurance provides a fantastic claim settlement process that is fast and transparent. You can get your claim settled hours as per the car insurance company.
  • 24*7 Roadside Assistance: Any issues related to the car, like jumpstart, oil, etc., will be taken care of by the company's roadside assistance team, which works 24*7.
  • Smartphone-enabled Self-Inspection: you can click on the damages on your smartphone and upload it to get an easy claim settlement. It is a nice feature to have for car insurance policyholders.
  • Trusted Brand: Iffco-Tokio is a trusted brand in India. The company has been offering top motor insurance policies for the last 21 years.
  • Cashless Repair: You can take your car to any of the company's network garages and get the damage repaired. There are more than 4300+ Iffco-Tokio cashless garages across the country.

Coverage Under Iffco-Tokio Car Insurance

Let us look at everything covered under Iffco-Tokio motor insurance.

  • Theft: If your automobile is stolen or suffers severe unanticipated damage that cannot be repaired without difficulty, Iffco-Tokio General Insurance will pay you the insured stated value, also known as the car's total market value.
  • Natural Calamities: By acquiring damage protection or comprehensive insurance from the company that provides your four-wheeler, you may be insured against losses caused by natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, cyclones, etc.
  • Accidental Damage: Iffco-Tokio motor insurance will pay for any damage to your car that results from an accident.
  • Add-ons: One of the add-ons from the list designed to protect your car from a particular hazard may be a part of your comprehensive auto insurance coverage.
  • Personal Accidental Coverage: With Iffco-Tokio car insurance, you will get personal accident coverage of upto INR 15 lakhs.

Exclusions Under Iffco-Tokio Car Insurance

According to every motor insurance company, there are often a few things the vehicle insurance policy does not cover. Let's examine the vehicle insurance exclusions for Iffco-Tokio car plans.

  • Invalid Driving License: Driving with a fake licence is against the law, and your auto insurance won't protect you.
  • Drunk driving and substance abuse: Iffco-Tokio motor insurance does not provide coverage for driving while intoxicated. It is considered an unlawful practice.
  • War: A civil war or nuclear attack is a conflict that might result in loss or injury to the insured.
  • Wrong Geographic Location: Damage to a covered vehicle occurring beyond the policy's limits is not covered due to an incorrect geographic location.
  • Mechanical Issues: According to Iffoco-Tokio auto insurance, a mechanical or electrical issue with the insured vehicle will not be covered.

Add-ons for Iffco-Tokio Car Insurance

The add-ons that Iffco-Tokio motor Insurance offers are as follows:

  • Roadside Assistance: Support services will be easier to obtain in the event of a car breakdown owing to roadside auto assistance cover. Thanks to Iffco-Tokio Four-Wheeler Insurance's broad network, your automobile being totalled won't be a problem.
  • Consumables Coverage: It is uncommon for comprehensive auto insurance policies to provide coverage for consumables inside cars. The Iffco-Tokio add-on covers consumables like engine oil, lubricants, nuts & bolts, washers, etc.
  • Daily Allowance: While the mechanic is working on your car, Iffco-Tokio motor insurance offers a daily allowance for alternate modes of transportation. The cost of a taxi or a rental car may be covered with this money.
  • Zero-debt Cover: You will receive payment from Zero depreciation cover for the claim's lower total because of depreciation. It is one of the best add-ons that most policyholders demand.

Claim Process Under Iffco-Tokio Car Insurance

The following describes the Iffco-Tokio vehicle Insurance claim resolution process:

  • The first step is to initiate the claim. To start the process, you must go to the Iffco-Tokio car insurance website and enter the claim section.
  • The next step is to complete the survey and provide basic details.
  • Upload the relevant documents and other details for the claim process online.
  • Your claim will be initiated within no time.

Renewal Process Under Iffco-Tokio Car Insurance

The following describes the Iffco-Tokio vehicle Insurance claim resolution process:

Online Process

  • Go to the company's official website and select car insurance.
  • Enter the vehicle's information to compare insurance renewal prices.
  • Send information such as your name, email address, vehicle's VIN, insurance policy number, policy expiration date, etc.
  • From the available options and the necessary add-ons, choose an Iffco-Tokio insurance renewal plan.
  • Once you have entered all the necessary information and paid the premium, your motor insurance will be renewed. ​​​

Offline Process

You can renew your Iffco-tokio Car Insurance offline if you cannot do so online. You must bring the relevant documentation to the recognized centre to finish the renewal process.

Documents Required for Iffco-Tokio Car Insurance Renewal

You will need a few supporting documents when renewing your Iffco-Tokio four-wheeler insurance policy to finish the process. Here is the list of documents:

  • Old car Insurance Policy
  • Govt. ID Proofs
  • Valid Driving License
  • RC
  • Updated Photograph
  • Credit/ Debit Card Details

Iffco-Tokio Car Insurance Contact Details

Here you can find the contact details that you can use to get in touch with Iffco-Tokio vehicle insurance.

Office Address: Corporate Office IFFCO Tower, Plot No. 3, Sector 29, Gurgaon - 122001, Haryana, India.

Phone Number: 1800-103-5499