Motor Insurance Claim

Motor insurance claim is literally your first and last resort when you meet an accident or any unforeseen accidents. It has been designed to help you to combat the financial losses emerging out of an accident. Having been passed in 1939 and further amended in 1988, the Motor Vehicles Act requires you to have a policy which offers motor insurance claim at least to the third party.The motor insurance can be further categorised into two sections i.e. insurance covering Act liability and insurance covering act liability along with own damage.

 Following are the benefits of getting your car insured:

  1. It assists you to meet the financial loss when your vehicle meets accident, collision or theft.
  2. It helps you to cover expenses arising from bodily injuries to yourself
  3. It benefits the survivors when an accident results in death
  4. It aids you to fight the lawsuits which might be brought to you as a result of an accident


Before taking a decision regarding whether to go for third party insurance or whether to opt for comprehensive insurance, you must know that the third party insurance is mandatory by law and protects you from losses emerging from death to a third party or any damage to the vehicle itself. However, the comprehensive vehicle insurance claim policy covers you, your car and co-passengers.


A plethora of motor insurance policies available out there in the market may make you feel baffled we at RenewBuy will help you to know what is not covered in your vehicle insurance claim policy:

  1. Loss due to normal wear and tear is not covered.
  2. Irrespective of your loss, the insurer is liable to pay only the IDV i.e. Insured Declared Value
  3. A regular motor insurance claim doesn’t cover non-accidental mechanical or electrical failures
  4. Liability towards your paid driver is not covered by the third party scheme and the Workmen Compensation Act makes it mandatory for you to buy a cover for your driver

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