Bharti AXA Bike Insurance

When you purchase a bike, you cannot opt to zip away on the roads without insuring it against damage. You absolutely have to select a bike insurance before you take the bike out on the road. Because of its immense criticality in providing financial protection, it is no wonder that even by law you are needed to carry an insurance along with your driving license when you are travelling by bike.

When you set out to purchase two wheeler insurance, you will be overwhelmed with a host of options in this sector. You can make a smart insurance buying decisions when you pick Bharti AXA bike insurance. Right from insuring you against stolen bike to a wide network of cashless programs, there are quite a few benefits awaiting you when you select this insurance for your two- wheeler. Its policies have a range of features that seek to provide sufficient protection to your two- wheeler. If you are interested in exploring the features and benefits of the Bharti AXA two- wheeler insurance, then read on.


Bharti AXA bike insurance – Options on offer

Check out the below two key types of bike insurance provided by Bharti AXA.

  1. Third party liability coverage – Other persons who suffer harm and their damaged property will be insured under this policy. Please note that your bike will be excluded under this plan. This plan factors your bike cc capacity to determine the insurance amount. The below is the break-up you can refer to:
    1. o    <=75 cc = Rs. 569
    2. o    >75 cc and <=150 cc = Rs. 720
    3. o    >150 cc and <=350 cc = Rs. 970
    4. o    >350 cc = Rs. 1114
  2. You also get comprehensive coverage on attractive terms from Bharti AXA.  Comprehensive coverage will protect not only third party property damage but also compensate towards repair for damages to your bike. This blend of coverage for third party damage and own damage is what makes the comprehensive plan from Bharti AXA two wheeler insurance a must buy.
  3. Multiple years of benefit – Why go for yearly renewals when you can pay a premium for multiple years in one go? Yes, Bharti AXA two wheeler insurance lets you select two years and three-year coverage in one single payment. The provider also encourages longer term insurance purchase. For this, it offers 10% discount on 2-year policy and 20% on 3-year policy.


What is covered in Bharti AXA Bike Insurance?

Get these coverages in your Bharti AXA Bike Insurance:

  1. Natural disasters – These include natural calamities like floods and earthquake
  2. Manmade disasters – These include damage from fire, terrorism, and theft
  3. Accidents – Any road accident involving your car will be liable for compensation from the insurer
  4. Personal accident coverage – If the owner- driver sustains injury or dies, then the provider will compensate beneficiary as per the terms of the personal accident cover meant for owner- driver.

What is not covered in Bharti AXA Bike Insurance?

  1. Driving under the influence of intoxicating substances like liquor
  2. Regular wear and tear of your vehicle
  3. Accident that occurred while using bike for commercial activity
  4. Accident that took place while using bike for malicious or illegal activity

With its diverse benefits for bike owners, Bharti AXA’s bike insurance will be an excellent protection for your two-wheeler.  

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