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New India Assurance Two Wheeler Insurance

If you are purchasing a vehicle for yourself, then you need to buy an insurance policy for your vehicle too as it's mandatory to have a valid insurance policy under the provisions of the Indian Motor Insurance Act, 1988. Having two-wheeler insurance for your bike, motorcycle, scooter, etc. provides wide coverage that assists you in driving safely and protects you when you need financial assistance in the case of damage or injury due to an accident. New India Assurance two wheeler insurance helps you in the same by providing the most beneficial insurance coverage.

Key Features

New India Assurance two wheeler insurance includes all features under the Motor Vehicle Tariff:


Third Party Legal Liability: this type of coverage spans injury to the third party. It also covers loss of value to their property when they were involved with your scooter or bike in an accident


Damage or loss on your Vehicle: It covers any total or partial loss to your vehicle caused due to an accident or because of fire and allied perils

New India Assurance Bike Insurance Renewal Online

Vehicle insurances are annual bonds, and it has to be renewed regularly every year. It will defend you from third party claims if there will be any accident and assist you to stay protected health-wise and financially in case of natural calamities, accidents, or if the automobile gets totalled. This depicts the critical importance of having a valid insurance taken out for your two-wheeler.

Earlier it was a hassle to visit the branch office, submit forms, pay cheque, and then wait for your insurance’s renewal document to be posted to your address. This came to a halt with the advent of the internet. In the present age of Digital India, you are only a few clicks away from getting your New India bike insurance renewal online. What’s more, the procedure is a hassle- free and swift. You can do the renewal from the comforts of your home or office.

Why Should You Choose New India Assurance two wheeler insurance online

Apart from coverage mentioned above, it provides financial coverage for any loss or damage that occurs due to natural calamities such as:


Flood and Fire


Rockslide, Storm and Landslide


Hurricane and earthquake


Any damage caused to the vehicle in the passage by road, inland waterway, air or rail.

The New India Assurance Bike Insurance also pays for towing costs from the site of the accident to the workshop up to a maximum limit of Rs 300/- for Motorcycles/Scooters and Rs 1500/- for commercial vehicles and cars. It is also allowed to choose higher towing charge on payment of higher premium.