Reliance Bike Insurance

Most of us make the mistake of considering bike insurance as an option. However, it is mandatory to have bike insurance by law. Also having this will actually be helpful when needed. Check out what Reliance bike insurance has to offer in terms of coverage and benefits.

Benefits and features of Reliance General two wheeler insurance

Reliance General Bike insurance comes in two variations. The basic one is the third party liability only insurance and the other one offers a comprehensive insurance package. Let us check out the details of each.

  1. Third party liability only Reliance bike insurance is meant only for the purpose of legal compliance. It is the mandatory requirement of owning a bike. This will cover the loss and damage caused to another person and/or any property and/or vehicle of another person caused by an accident with your bike. It does not cover any damage or loss sustained by you or your two wheeler due to the accident.
  2. The comprehensive package includes all the cover provided in the third party liability only insurance and some additional cover as well which includes cover for damage caused to the bike due to accident or if it is stolen as well as compensation for loss of your life or any injury sustained by you.
  3. The insurance is for a period of 1 year and needs to be renewed every year at the end of the tenure.
  4. The premium depends on the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of the vehicle.

Why should you buy Reliance General Bike Insurance?

There are many advantages of getting the bike insurance from Reliance.

  1. Add-on cover is available with the insurance that will provide enhanced coverage for your bike and further customization of the plan.
  2. Reliance has one of the fastest claim settlement processes, and it is known to provide a hassle free claim settlement to its clients.
  3. The cashless coverage can be availed at numerous designated garages across India where you can have your bike repaired at no extra cost.
  4. You can get Reliance general bike insurance online and check the available options for the coverage to find the one that will most perfectly suit your requirements.
  5. No Claim Bonus (NCB) is available on Reliance General two wheeler insurance and the percentage increases from 20% to 50% with each year passing without any claim
  6. The premium can be reduced using the voluntary reduction process, and the deductible amount can be anywhere between Rs.500 and Rs.1500


What is covered under the insurance?

You can quickly check the scope of coverage in details by going through online Reliance Bike Insurance documents. Here are the brief details about it:

  1. The third party liability only policy will cover the legal liability arising out of damage caused to any property and/or vehicle and/or cause injury or death of any third party due to an accident on the bike.
  2. Additionally, the comprehensive package covers the bike against natural calamities such as fire, flood, earthquake, landslide and more
  3. Additionally, the comprehensive package also covers the bike against man-made disasters such as theft, robbery, riot, and others.

What is not covered?

  1. The policy does not hold if the person riding the bike is without a valid license and/or under the influence of any intoxicating substance.
  2. The policy does not cover damage or loss caused to the bike due to nuclear risk or war.
  3. Electrical or mechanical breakdown are not covered under the policy
  4. Depreciation or consequential losses are not included
  5. Any damage caused when the bike is used outside its limitation of usage the policy does not hold

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