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Bike Insurance Renewal - Two-Wheeler Insurance Renewal Online

“Renew two wheeler insurance”

In India, it is mandatory to get your vehicle insured and riding it without a valid one is an offence. It is wise to do a timely Two Wheeler Insurance Renewal Online, but choosing the right one can be a tedious task. There are multiple things to keep in mind before renewing your insurance. To give you a gist of it, we have mentioned the things you need to keep in mind, before considering Two Wheeler Insurance Renewal.

Here they are,

No Claim Bonus (NCB)

IMPORTANT in case 90 days have passed after the lapse of your policy; the annual NO CLAIM BONUS (NCB) discount would not be there. If you have not claimed it for previous years, this can be a heavy monetary loss.

Long Term Two-wheeler Insurance (LTTW)

long-term two-wheeler insurance policy has been introduced by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI). This gives you the bandwidth of not going through the same drudgery every year. Once done, this three-year long insurance policy protects you from Third Party Rates revisions year on year, leading to a major saving.

Survey of Vehicle needs to be done?

RenewBuy allows you to renew your lapsed 2W policy online without any inspection.Although, it is always recommended to renew your insurance before it lapses, if it has lapsed, you can renew it without inspection online.

Buying of the Policy

Check Two Wheeler Insurance Renewal quotes Online from RenewBuy for the best available deals and pick the one that works best for you.

RenewBuy not only offers the best premium rate in accordance with your two-wheeler’s age and make but also provides additional benefits and quick processing in the case of a mishap. If you are looking forward to renewing your insurance cover online, RenewBuy is the best platform to compare and choose from various insurance covers.

Renew Two Wheeler Insurance Online

Online renewal of your Bike Insurance policy is the smartest thing to do as it saves time, involves little or no paperwork, Is cheap and much faster. If you wish to renew bike insurance online, compare different premium rates and choose from flexible tenures, all at RenewBuy.

Bike Insurance Renewal at RenewBuy

Bike insurance is a mandatory stipulation, as per the Indian law. An uninsured bike simply cannot ply on the road. Hence, it is important to have a continuous validity of insurance coverage for your bike. However, it is seen that many times, it may have skipped your mind about timely bike insurance renewal. It is important that you do the two-wheeler insurance renewal online within time; else the policy may case to be valid and lapse and you won’t get coverage for the break-in period.

If you are very near to the due date of insurance renewal but aren’t able to find time to visit the insurance company office to renew it, then don’t fret. Thanks to our online service at RenewBuy, within minutes, you can browse through various two-wheeler insurance renewal policies, compare them, and purchase a policy for two-wheeler insurance renewal online.

Key Benefits of bike Insurance Renewal with Us

With a gist of all necessary things you need in a two-wheeler insurance online renewal, we provide other key benefits, as well. Given below are more details about our online bike insurance renewal.

  1. We help you redeem the ‘No Claim Bonus’ when you renew 2 wheeler insurance online to ensure you don’t suffer from the monetary loss.
  2. The main hassle related to the renew bike insurance online is the intense paperwork. But with RenewBuy, we ensure you zero documentation or verifications. Your Two-wheeler insurance renewal will be immediate and completely hassle-free.
  3. In case, 90 days have passed after the expiry of your previous policy; we will still provide you with  We believe in giving a user-friendly bike insurance renewal experience to the customer.
  4. RenewBuy helps you search out the most beneficial offers with premium rates. Not just this, but we also provide you additional benefits, such as instant processing in case of a mishap without much trouble to the owner.
  5. You are able to browse through policy plans from leading and trustable policy providers to renew bike insurance online.
  6. You can even save money using our comparison, to identify one of the potentially cheaper policies that fits in your requirement arena.


Bike insurance renewal checklist

  1. With us at, 1-Click Renewal option is given.
  2. Once you click the option, you are redirected to a page asking for “Bike Registration Number.”
  3. If you do not have “Bike Registration Number,” you can further click the link “I want to start with bike details.”
  4. You then are redirected to a page, asking for vehicle Model, Purchase Year, Month of Expiry, Registered City, Name and Mobile Number.
  5. After the filling the form, you will submit by pressing the “Add” button.
  6. For more help, you can call at 1800 419 7852 to solve all your queries before going ahead with the online renewal of bike insurance.

Be smart and act fast with our online insurance renewal policies. The RenewBuy platform is at your service to carry out proper research and renew your two wheeler policy without any hassles.

So why delay your two wheeler insurance renewal any further. Go and get it.

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