Uncomplicating Two-Wheeler Insurance

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Do you know the fact that approximately 4 lakh people in India face grave injury or death due to road accidents every month? According to a survey carried out by World Health Organisation (WHO), in the year 2012 alone, India recorded the world's highest number of road accidents subsequently leading to deaths.

Taking consideration of the poor conditions of the road in many regions, the motor regulation body of India, i.e., IRDA made having a motor insurance compulsory to drive on the public roads of India. Tata AIG two-wheeler insurance gives financial security not just to you, but also provides coverage for third party damages.

Primary Benefits of Choosing Tata AIG bike insurance:

  • Easy renewal and purchase facility of Tata AIG two-wheeler insurance online
  • Fair, cost-efficient, and swift claim settlement process
  • 24x7 telephonic helpline service for claims support
  • Hassle free two-wheeler renewal process

What is not included in Two-wheeler Insurance?

Always keep in mind that your insurance policy will not provide coverage in following mentioned situations-

  • If vehicle is taken under use for illegal activities or else for purpose otherwise mentioned in the contract
  • If bike operator is under the influence of drugs, medicine overdose, liquor or any other banned substance
  • If the driver doesn’t possess a valid driving license
  • Any damage or loss to the vehicle that happened outside geographical area specified in the policy
  • Any damage occurring due to nuclear weapon material in the form of radioactive contamination or ionising radiation
  • If the vehicle gets damaged due to any civil war, military operations or any such similar occurrence

Why should you choose Online Facility of Tata AIG two-wheeler insurance renewal?

As insurances are annual agreements, it needs to be renewed annually. This will defend you from prohibitive third party claims that can occur in any accident. It will also assist you to stay secured financially and health-wise in the case of mishap, calamities. Online renewal is a quick and hassle free process that you can choose for your very own Tata AIG two-wheeler insurance. Here are some benefits of choosing Tata AIG bike insurance renewal online:


Get quick renewal online with your convenience

As the user data is prefetched from the database, online renewal of bike policy requires minimal effort.


Coverage Selection

If you choose Tata AIG two-wheeler insurance renewal online, you have the benefit of gauging the pros and cons of the policy. You can also assess its advantages with reference to the cost and then choose a plan that best fits your requirements


You receive policy quickly

Unlike the old times when the service provider had to post the insurance document to the policyholder, the current system is pretty fast. Now as soon as the payment is made online for the renewal, a digitally signed contract is issued/sent (in the form of mail) to the client. The contract attached as PDF document can be saved locally on the system, or you can also take a print out to retain a hard copy.


Getting the best quote

With online facility, you get the benefit to cross-check different insurance quotes of policies available on the website. A thorough research helps you get unbiased information on the features, benefits, costs, and exclusions offered by different providers. It also helps you make an informed decision and select a policy that best suits your requirements.


Avail discount

Through timely online renewal, you have the facility to get discounts such as No Claim Bonus (NCB) from the company, only if you are eligible for the same.

Thus, these are points that you must include when you compare different policies. You have to put inaccurate information so that you get the right policies according to your vehicle.