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Travel Insurance

Travel insurance covers medical expenses and other unforeseen circumstances so that you have a hassle-free trip. It provides global coverage for medical emergencies, loss of baggage or passport, or an accident. Travel insurance provides a financial safety net in case of events that may put a financial burden on you. It is a popular choice among people traveling for vacations, business trips, and studies.

Travel insurance ensures that you have financial security against circumstances that will lead to financial loss. A travel insurance policy essentially protects you against events that generally include the following, subject to specific exclusions:

  • Medical Expenses
  • Medical Evaluation
  • Personal Accident
  • LLoss of Checked-in Baggage
  • Loss/Damage of Personal Belongings
  • Trip Delays
  • Trip Cancellation/ Curtailment

Key Features of Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is meant to safeguard travelers from financial losses that may arise due to unforeseen circumstances. Today there are so many different companies selling travel insurance; let us have a look at some of the critical features of travel insurance:

Emergency Hospitalization and Medical Treatments

No one can rule out the possibility of a medical emergency. Therefore, travel insurance assures you that the insurer will bear the medical costs and hospitalization expenses.

Compensation for Flight Related Adversities

Flight-related adversities are every day when traveling abroad or within the country. Whether it is a delay of a flight, missing a connecting flight, or losing baggage by the airline, the insurer will compensate you for the losses.

Trip Related Adversities

Several adversities may arise, which can cause trip delays and cancellations. The insurer also compensates you for any delays and cancellations caused by unforeseen circumstances.

Cashless Hospitalization

: If you are hospitalized or seeking medical treatment at one of the insurer's network hospitals, then the insurer provides you the facility of cashless hospitalization. The insurer will settle your bills, and you will not have to pay up the hospital for any treatment.

Benefits of Travel Insurance

In the last few years, the perception of people regarding insurance has changed. Now people do not wait to travel during holidays but go on multiple trips to explore different places. It has become essential for travelers to buy insurance to have a financial safety net that helps them in case of an emergency. These are some of the significant benefits of travel insurance:


Medical Expenses

In some countries, medical expenses are skyrocketing. If you have travel insurance, the medical costs and hospitalization costs will be covered up to the insured limit by the insurer. They will also arrange an emergency medical evacuation if needed. Moreover, if you seek treatment at one of the network hospitals, you can also avail of a cashless hospitalization facility.


Compulsory Requirement

Many countries have made it mandatory to buy travel insurance to apply for a visa. One such example is the Schengen Visa which makes it mandatory for people applying for a permit to insure their trip beforehand. So, if you are planning a trip to any such country, you have to buy the travel insurance plans available in India.


Stress-Free Journey

Travel insurance benefits a lot if you are traveling to remote areas. In case of a medical emergency, your insurer will evacuate you and take you to a hospital in the nearest city or country so that you can avail yourself of the treatment on time.


Aid in Remote Areas

Traveling to a different city or country comes with a fair share of uncertainties and stresses. If you have travel insurance, you do not have to worry as everything will be taken care of by the insurance company.


Secures the family

: If you choose a family insurance plan, every family member who is traveling is insured. Most of the insurers offer plans on an induvial and family floater basis.


Compensates for Personal Liability

In case of an unfortunate incident, you may have to face legal liability; the insurer will pay off all your legal fees and penalties

Types of Travel Insurance

While buying travel insurance is essential, it is crucial to know the different types of travel insurance that you can buy. They have been customized to cater to the needs of all kinds of travelers. Below are the different types of travel insurance that you can buy:

Based on geographical area

Domestic Travel Insurance

This travel insurance is meant for people who are traveling within the borders of India. It protects individuals and families traveling within the country's states against any financial losses that may arise. It provides various coverage types, including medical cover, baggage loss cover, and personal accident cover, among other types of covers.

International Travel Insurance

This travel insurance is meant for people who are traveling from one country to another. It provides various coverage, including personal accident cover, medical cover, dental cover, baggage loss cover, hijacks distress cover, loss of passport cover, etc.

Schengen Travel Insurance

This insurance plan is meant for people who are traveling to one or more Schengen territories. The insured travelers are protected from any unforeseen circumstances that lead to financial losses. Some of the typical coverage provided includes medical cover, loss/delay in check-in baggage, loss of passport cover, personal liability cover, and personal accident cover.

Based on the type of travelers

Family Insurance

This type of plan is meant for families who are traveling abroad. The plan covers the insured, their spouse, and their dependent children. The sum insured can be availed on an individual as well as a family floater basis. The insured family members can enjoy the benefits of several covers, including medical cover, personal accident cover, baggage loss cover, and many more.

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Plan

This type of insurance plan is customized according to the needs of senior citizens and primarily covers people who are aged above 60. It protects the elderly from any financial losses that may arise when they are traveling. There are many types of covers that they can avail which are like international travel insurance.

Student Travel Insurance

A student travel insurance plan is meant for people who are traveling abroad for studies. It comes with an extended validity of up to 2 years. The coverage provided by an overseas travel insurance plan also provides covers like sponsor protection, study interruption, medical evacuation, and many more.

Based on the validity of the policy

Single Trip Travel Insurance

This type of insurance covers only a single journey of the insured. The validity of the insurance starts from the beginning of the trip and ends with the culmination of the journey. This international travel insurance comes with coverage hosts, including medical coverage and non-medical coverage like baggage loss, personal accident cover, and many others.

Multi-Trip Insurance Policy

This type of insurance covers people who take multiple journeys within one year. It offers the same benefits on each trip without having to buy an insurance policy again and again. Thus, a traveler saves much money by purchasing a multi-trip insurance policy. Most people who travel overseas for business purposes many times in a year purchase this policy.

What Is Covered Under a Travel Insurance Policy?

While buying travel insurance, you need to be aware of the things included under travel insurance. The insurance acts as a safety net from any expenses that may arise due to mishaps when you are traveling. These are the benefits of coverage that you get under a travel insurance policy:

  • Cover for Medical Emergency

    There is a possibility that you may get sick or injured while you are on a trip. Having medical emergency-related coverage will save you from the costs of hospitalization and treatment. This coverage generally includes physician or medical consultant charges, ambulance fees, hospital charges, etc.

  • Emergency Medical Evacuation:

    This coverage will help you if you need immediate medical assistance, wherein transport will be arranged to take you to the nearest hospital. You may also be taken to the native country due to medical reasons according to the doctors' discretion.

  • Cover for Cancelled Trip
    • Any major illness/ death of an immediate family member or the companion in your journey.
    • Terrible weather conditions that are not allowing you to reach the destination.
    • A terrorist attack at the place where you were traveling.
  • Cover for Trip Delays

    If there is a delay in the flight, or you miss your connecting flight due to circumstances beyond your control, like technical breakdoawn or bad weather conditions. So on, the expenses will be taken care of by the insurer if you have this coverage. The insurer will also compensate you for meals and accommodation-related expenses following the duration of the delay.

  • Loss of Passport

    When you are abroad, you might get your bag was stolen which had your passport in it. In this case, the insurer compensates you for expenses you incur for obtaining a new or duplicate passport up to the limit of the sum insured.

Exclusions Under Travel Insurance

Although a travel insurance policy covers many situations, there are some circumstances that travel insurance does not cover. These are the exclusions under a travel insurance policy that you need to know


Liquor/ Drugs

Any claims that arise due to the dependency of the insured on alcohol or drugs will not be covered. Also, any injuries or disabilities arising due to the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be compensated by the insurer.


War, Terrorism, Civil War

The insurer will not cover any claims that arise out of a war or war-like situation in a country that the insured is traveling to. It will also not provide compensation for a terrorist attack that occurs in the destination country or city.


HIV Aids

Insurance companies do not cover treatment for HIV Aids,


Alternate Treatments

Travel insurance does not cover expenses that arise out of alternate treatments like Homeopathy or Ayurveda.


Cosmetic Treatment

The insurers do not cover any claims arising out of cosmetic treatment.

Travel Insurance

Buying a suitable travel insurance policy is not the only duty of the traveler. The traveler needs to be aware of the claim process of the travel insurance policy. Also, one should know the types of coverage provided by the insurer.

Whenever you are traveling, you must carry the original policy document along with multiple copies. These copies come into use if you lose the original policy document or stolen from you. You must carry a soft copy of the same on your mobile phone, laptop, or tablet.

These are the steps to file a claim in case an unfortunate event occurs

  • Inform the insurer/assistance provider about the claim via phone and email. The contact details of the insurer are mentioned in the policy document.
  • Ask the insurer about the required documents that you need to submit in proof of your claim. Different types of claims require a different set of documents.
  • Send all the required documents to the insurer via email, fax, or post.
  • Once all the documents are submitted, they will be verified by the insurer against your insurance policy coverage.

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These are some of the benefits that you can avail yourself if you compare travel insurance online with RenewBuy

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Things To Remember Before Buying Travel Insurance Plan


Reason of the journey

Before buying a travel insurance policy, you should determine the purpose of your travel so that you can buy the maximum coverage to avoid any financial losses. For example, if you are traveling abroad for studies, you should opt for a student travel insurance policy.


Age of the Traveler

Almost all travel insurance companies offer insurance policies that suit the needs of travelers of different ages. For example, senior citizens have tailor-made policies that fit their needs according to their age.


Amount of Sum Insured

The amount of sum insured is directly proportional to the premium that you pay. This means that a higher sum insured means a higher amount of premium. So, you have to choose a sum insured that suits your needs if an unfortunate event occurs.


Amount of Sum Insured

The amount of sum insured is directly proportional to the premium that you pay. This means that a higher sum insured means a higher amount of premium. So, you have to choose a sum insured that suits your needs if an unfortunate event occurs.


Coverage Provided

Before you buy a travel insurance policy, compare that the coverage provided by different insurers. It would help if you purchased a policy covering most of the risks that you can encounter on your trip.



The place where you are traveling should be considered before you choose the right policy for yourself. Some insurers offer destination-specific insurance policies such as Schengen Insurance. Ensure that the policy that you choose covers all the threats associated with the place where you are going.


Trip Duration

The duration of your trips also influences the premium that you pay for a travel insurance plan. Longer durations of trips attract a higher premium. Thus, you can buy a policy that charges a lesser premium for the entire duration of the journey without compromising the sum insured.


Claim Settlement Ratio

You should analyze and compare the claim settlement ratio of different insurers to choose the one you think is the best for you.



A good insurance policy provides maximum coverage with minimum cost. So make sure that you buy a policy that is affordable for you without compromising on the coverage provided.