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Factors To Note When Evaluating Used Car's Condition | RenewBuy

If you are planning to buy a second-hand car, then it is advisable to check the car thoroughly before making the deal. Though the price is a major factor it is not the only factor to consider. Here are some factors which may assist you in buying a second-hand car:

Closer Look At The Car's Interior and Exterior

  • You must check the interior and exterior of the car in broad daylight, instead of a shady place. It is impossible to get a car without a scratch, yet you should look for any massive damage which may cost your pockets.
  • Once you are done with the exterior, you must look under the hood. If you have a slight knowledge of cars, then you can easily spot dirty and rusty parts. However, if you are unaware, simply call a mechanic and get it inspected.

  • You should also pay a closer look on the tyres as they are one of the dirtiest parts. Buying cars without looking at the tyres can lead to unwanted finance loss.

Inspection of Various Documents

  • Ask for the original Registration Certificate (RC) that would give you knowledge about the ownership of the car. It will help you ensure the authenticity of the seller and would keep you safe from falling into the trap of various frauds.

  • Having a look on the insurance papers will give you an indication about the past accidents or claims.

  • It is important to cross-check the engine number and chassis number with those mentioned in the registration papers.
  • Ensure whether your car has a valid PUC certificate or not.

Evaluation of Past Servicing History of Car

Before buying a second-hand car, it is essential that you ask for servicing history records from the owner as the servicing history will give you an idea about the maintenance of the car. You will understand whether the car was properly maintained or not, whether the previous user was regular with the services or not. However, getting hold of the servicing history of the car is often not easy for the buyers.

Noting Down the Level of Engine Oil and its Condition

It is also important to check the quality and level of the engine oil. You can do it with the help of a dipstick. If the oil looks like a mud-slush, then it is an indication that the current owner did not get the oil changed for a longer period. You should also look for any oil residue and seepage around the engine as it speaks about the condition of the engine. If you are still not sure about the condition of the engine, then take the advice of an expert mechanic.


Buying a second-hand car isn’t bad, though you need to keep a check on the above-stated factors before you finalise the deal. A proper research helps a lot in getting the best deals costing you less money that you would shell out in purchasing a brand new car.