How to Apply for Travel Insurance in India?

Travel insurance is one of the essential types of general insurance. It is mandatory to have travel insurance if you wish to travel abroad. Some countries don't even allow you to enter if you do not…

Travel insurance is one of the essential types of general insurance. It is mandatory to have travel insurance if you wish to travel abroad. Some countries don't even allow you to enter if you do not have a travel insurance cover in place. Thankfully, it is straightforward to get travel insurance online these days. You can do it instantly and save a lot of money in the process as well. Take a look at this article to know more.

How to get Travel Insurance?

You can get travel insurance in India in two ways:

  • Online: Your first option is to get travel insurance online. This is a modern and hassle-free way of getting travel insurance. All you have to do is compare and locate an insurance policy. Then, you need to enter your details and choose a suitable coverage amount. Once that is done, you will have to pay the premium online through a safe and secured channel. After that is done, the policy is issued, and you get the travel insurance cover effortlessly.
  • Offline: The other option is to get the plan offline through an insurance agent or by visiting the branch of your insurance provider. This is also a good option, but you have to wait for the office to open, and you may also queue up.

Whether you choose to get travel insurance offline or online, make sure you have good coverage before starting your journey.

Applying for Travel Insurance in India

To get travel insurance offline, the old-fashioned way, all you must do is visit the insurance provider's office or call your insurance agent. You have to fill in the application form and submit the documents physically. Then, you have to pay the premium through a cheque or in cash, and the policy will be issued to you.


The process is much quicker and simpler online. You can log in to the website or mobile app of your insurance provider and get the policy. You can also compare and get a suitable plan from the insurance provider’s  website in the following manner:

  • Login: Start by logging in to the portal or mobile app of your preferences insurance provider. 
  • Choose the type of cover: There are different types of travel insurance in India. You can buy a single trip cover or a multi-trip cover. You can buy an individual cover or a family protection cover. Decide on the type of travel policy you need and then choose suitable coverage.
  • Compare: If you do not have a prefered insurance provider, all you have to do is visit the insurance provider’s website and run a travel insurance comparison. It is a straightforward and quick process, and you can do it free of charge. When you compare, you find suitable plans at reasonable rates, and you also get to find the various insurance providers. To compare and locate the ideal cover and buy the travel plan after that.
  • Fill in your details: Next, you have to fill in your details, such as your name and age. You also have to mention the coverage amount you want, along with the coverage duration and your destination. Enter the correct details, as this will be checked later on during a claim.
  • Pay the premium: Pay and premium online, and the policy will be issued to you instantly. The payment is made online safely, so you need not worry about any security issues.

Follow these steps, and you can quickly get a travel insurance plan issued in your name.

Benefits of Buying Travel Insurance Policy:

  • Easy to get a visa: Many countries make it mandatory for you to have travel insurance before they issue a visa to you. One of the best travel insurance benefits is getting the visa more smoothly when the policy is already in place.
  • Covers missed flights and cancellations: Nothing ruins plans as much as missed or cancelled flights. You may miss your flight for several reasons that may range from traffic to mixed up calendars. A missed flight here may lead to missing a connecting flight somewhere else. Also, flights getting cancelled at the last minute can lead to many problems in your journey ahead. When you have a travel insurance plan, you will get compensated for all such losses, with which you can get another ticket even at the last minute.
  • Covers lost baggage and documents: A travel policy also covers lost baggage and belongings. Also, if you lose your passport or other important documents, the insurer will assist you and help you get temporary documents to complete your trip smoothly. This is a significant benefit of getting travel insurance coverage.
  • Health cover: And finally, you get a very beneficial health insurance cover under a good travel insurance plan. This is a crucial cover as you get to keep your health secured while travelling. As we all know, medical expenses in a foreign country can be exorbitantly expensive. This is why you need a health cover to ensure you get the necessary treatment if any medical emergency comes up while you are travelling. This is the essential travel insurance benefit, and you should indeed look to get it.

As you can see, these are some significant ways a travel insurance plan can be helpful for you. Go and get travel insurance online and keep your trip secured.


The travel insurance benefits are of great use. So go ahead and get your policy before you board your plane and you will stay protected in many ways.

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