How to Protect Bike/Car From Bad Weather? | RenewBuy | Renewbuy

How to Protect Bike/Car From Bad Weather? | RenewBuy

Nature is unpredictable. Imagine waking to a bright sunny morning as you set out for work, and as you reach your office, all hell breaks loose. A torrential rain accompanied by hail, and all you could do is give doleful glances to your car being battered and bruised.

Well, if you have already been through such terrible experiences, we bring you a few effective ways in which you can protect your vehicle from bad weather:

Regular Car/Bike Wash

When you take your car or bike out on the roads, it faces a lot of heat and dust. Moreover, dirt seems to accumulate more on days when it is windy. So, it is always advisable to clean your vehicle regularly.

Keeping Your Vehicle under a Shade

Keeping your car under a shade or a garage is perhaps the best way to protect your vehicle against the bad weather. You can peacefully sleep all night long, and your car will be safe in the garage, come what may.

Layering of Blankets and Mattresses on the Car

Sounds ridiculous? This unique way of adding layers of blankets and mattresses on the top surface of a car is an effective way to protect your vehicle against a severe storm or hailstorms. As the top surface of a car is very vulnerable, most cars even use tempered glass as wind-shield. So if you do not have a garage to keep your car, and it is an emergency, you can cover it with lots of blankets and mattresses to save yourself from the expense of fixing the car.

Surface Protection Films

Paint protection films or clear paint protections films are widely available in the market nowadays. They are flexible and UV resistant. They also offer optical clarity and a glossy finish. They will protect your car against any chemical reaction and corrosion. It is also tough and durable. So coat your vehicle as soon as possible with surface protection films to protect it from harsh environments and bad weather. It is also highly recommended that the car gets protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Car and Motorcycle Body Cover

Though inexpensive, car and motorcycle body cover comes handy when its about shielding your vehicle from rain, and they are also easily available in the market. They are water repellent, wear and tear resistant and also gives protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun. While you buy, do check if it covers the entire body of your car or bike. They are usually made of polyester or any high-quality fabric which is durable and water resistant.

Inflatable Car Cover Tents

These are slowly gaining popularity as they are durable and easy to use. All you have to do is inflate the car cover with an air pump, and your car gets saved from several vagaries of nature. They also save a lot of space.

Besides these, do not forget to insure your car so that it can cover for the damage caused to your automobile through natural calamities. Hope this article was of some help to you.  Happy driving!