LIC Policy Receipt Download

LIC Policy Receipt Download

  • Benefits of LIC Premium Receipt
  • Guide for LIC Receipt Download
  • LIC Premium Payment Options

How to Download LIC Premium Receipt Online?

Keeping the LIC premium receipt safe can be helpful for future references and financial records. But what if you misplaced the hard copies of your LIC premium receipts? Moreover, what will happen if you donā€™t get any confirmation for the same by email? Do you need to visit the LIC branch every time? No, not required!

Life Insurance Corporation of India, your trusted life insurance company, has made it convenient for you to accomplish LIC policies-related tasks like LIC premium payment, LIC policy status check, and LIC receipt download pdf possible from the comfort of your home or sitting anywhere.

Reading this article, you will explore the process of LIC receipt download.

What is LIC Premium Receipt?

When you purchase an LIC life insurance policy, you need to pay a decided amount at a definite interval on a yearly, half-yearly, quarterly, or monthly basis. Every time the policyholder pays a premium towards the LIC life insurance policies purchased, they receive a document in hard copy or soft copy as proof of the LIC premium payment. This document is the LIC premium receipt, displaying all the premium payment details related to the life insurance policy, like amount, date, etc. Initially, the LIC agent or LIC branch officer used to provide the LIC premium receipt. After the launch of LIC e-services, the customers can log in to the LIC customer portal and download LIC policy premium receipts.

Steps to Download LIC Premium Receipt Online

Downloading LIC policy receipts online is a simple process; you just need to log in to the LIC login customer portal. To do that, follow the steps mentioned below.

For Registered Users

If you have already registered on the LIC customer portal, follow the steps for the LIC online payment receipt download.

  • Visit the official website of LIC of India.
    Visit the official website of LIC
  • Go to the ā€˜Login to Customer Portalā€™ option on the homepage.
    login to customer portal
  • Login to the portal with the suitable option from User ID or OTP.
    login to customer portal
  • Once logged in, the policyholder is redirected to the LIC e-services welcome screen.
    login to e-service portal
  • The user finds two options on the screen: ā€˜Individual Premium Paid Statementā€™ and ā€˜Consolidated Premium Paid Statementā€™. Note that the ā€˜Individual Premium Paid Statementā€™ option enables the user to download a specific LIC policy statement, while ā€˜Consolidated Premium Paid Statementā€™ lets you download the LIC premium statement of each and every policy purchased from LIC of India.
    login to customer portal
  • If the user chooses the ā€˜Individual Premium Paid Statementā€™, they need to select the fiscal year and policy number. Then click ā€˜Generate Statementā€™.
    login to customer portal
  • The user can now download the LIC print receipt in ā€˜PDFā€™ format.

For Non-Registered Users

Customers who need to register with the LIC customer portal can follow the steps to register themselves on the LIC official website, LIC e-services.

  • Visit the official website of LIC of India.
  • Go to the ā€˜Login to Customer Portalā€™ option available on the homepage.
  • Click on the ā€˜Donā€™t have an account? Sign Upā€™ option.
  • Provide the requested details, like policy number, instalment premium, date of birth, mobile number, etc. Also, check the self-declaration box and click on ā€˜Proceedā€™.
  • Choose a User ID and password as per the terms and conditions of the website. The user also receives a confirmation email for the registration on LIC e-services portal.
  • To access the LIC e-services, use these User ID and password as the login credentials.
  • Once logged in, the policyholder will be redirected to the LIC e-services welcome screen.
  • Here, you can select from ā€˜Individual Premium Paid Statementā€™ and ā€˜Consolidated Premium Paid Statementā€™. Once selected the fiscal year, click ā€˜Generate Statementā€™.
  • After completing the step, the LIC premium receipt will be available to download in PDF format.

Generate LIC Premium Payment Receipt

When you log in to the LIC e-services portal to download the LIC policy receipt, you will find the ā€˜Policy Premium Paid Statementā€™ option in the menu on the home screen. There, you get the following options to continue with the LIC receipt download pdf.


Consolidated Premium Paid Statement

With this option, the user can download the LIC premium receipt of all their listed policies. The policyholder only needs to choose the required fiscal year.


Individual Premium Paid Statement

This option allows the user to download the LIC policy receipt for an individual policy. The policyholder must select the specific policy and fiscal year to complete the LIC receipt download using this option.

Once downloaded, you can print the LIC premium receipt pdf and keep it as proof for future reference.

Benefits of LIC Premium Receipt

Downloading LIC receipt online can help you in many ways, including the benefits mentioned below.

  • Fast & Convenient Process

    You do not need to wait in long queues at the LIC branch. LIC premium payment receipt download online facility helps the LIC policyholder avail of LIC renewal premium receipt download in just a few clicks.

  • Easy Tracking

    LIC online services allow you to track LIC premium instalments paid or due status. This way, you can save your LIC policy from lapse.

  • Financial Planning

    All the LIC e-services provided benefit you in many ways. If you download LIC premium receipt online, you can access all the important documents and information that help you in financial planning. These LIC premium receipts are used as proof of investment for income tax declaration purposes.

Things to Consider During LIC of India Premium Receipt Download

While downloading the LIC premium receipt, there are some important points to consider mentioned below

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Correct Details

The details provide in the required field should be valid and correct. The date of birth should be in the right format of DD/MM/YYYY.


Policy Number

If you are a LIC policyholder, you should keep the policy number with you. You can find the same in the policy document.


Updated Contact Details

Since the mobile number and email ID are important to receive any update, keep them updated on your LIC policy information.

Bottom Line

When buying an insurance policy, LIC of India is one of the most trusted life insurance companies among Indian customers. LIC of India provides various LIC plans in different categories like LIC term insurance, LIC endowment plan, LIC ULIP, etc., depending on the financial goals of the individuals. When you purchase a plan from LIC, you need to make regular premium payments to get the benefit on time. A LIC premium receipt is generated automatically while you make LIC premium payment online. If you misplaced the previous ones or want to download the renewal premium receipt LIC, follow the steps mentioned above.

If you are stuck at some step, contact the LIC customer support team and get the right assistance. Are you confused about which plan to select from different life insurance plans? Connect with an LIC agent or LIC life insurance agent nearby using RenewBuy Advisor Connect.