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HDFC ERGO Car Insurance

A new car is one of the greatest assets and investments a person makes in his/her lifetime. However, buying a car is just the first step. There are laws and regulations that you need to take care of, and among all of them, the most important thing is to get your car insured.

HDFC ERGO car insurance is one of the best available car insurance in the industry. Over the years it has continually upgraded and changed itself to better cater to the needs of the target clients. Unlike many other car insurance providers, HDFC ERGO car insurance provides you with complete protection against almost all types of damages that your car or you may face due to unforeseeable circumstances.

Why should you get HDFC car insurance policy?

There are plenty of car insurance policy providers, but it is impossible not to notice the plans provided by HDFC ERGO. These not just take care of the damage caused to the car due to an accident, but also covers third-party losses and protects against damage caused due to natural calamities as well. Your car is insured against accident, theft, burglary, terrorism, rain, earthquake, fire, and much more. With over 1600 authorised garages, you can easily get your damage repaired under cashless insurance facility. The best part is that you can check HDFC car insurance online and use their online calculator to know the best plan for your car. The customer support is immensely helpful as well.

Major features and benefits of HDFC ERGO car insurance

The HDFC ERGO car insurance provides the following basic features and benefits.

  • Claims are accepted and settled for damage to the car due to an accident by a range of external causes, including fire and theft.
  • A claim can be made up to a maximum of insured declared value, and insurance is provided for a maximum of this value.
  • Accidental Coverage for owner or driver covers maximum two lacs which is payable in case of death due to accident or permanent disability.
  • A third-party liability takes care of any legal liability that may arise due to disability or death of any person or any property damage caused by the vehicle in any accident.
  • You can buy or renew HDFC ERGO car insurance online and check the final premium payable.

Which add-on and optional additional covers should you take?

HDFC ERGO four wheeler insurance covers most of the vital aspects, but there are few covers that you must consider taking:


Named/Unnamed personal accident cover -

It includes both the driver and car owner along with the co-passenger and any other unnamed person harmed due to the accident


CNG kit cover –

This one is for those who have a CNG kit installed at the time of purchase. It needs to be declared promptly


No Claims Bonus protection –

The NCB protection allows the insurer to accumulate the unclaimed bonus to next year and can accumulate up to three years’ non-claims


Engine and gearbox protection -

This one is an important add-on cover that pays for the engine and gearbox repair as well.


Downtime Protection –

This covers the car even when it is in transit or a garage. There are some exceptions though:

  • Private cars have an allowance of daily Rs.500
  • Five-day coverage is for partial loss and 15-day coverage for complete loss or theft
  • Annually coverage for partial loss is granted three times per loss, and for complete loss or theft it is one time only

Car insurance needs careful consideration. Check out for more benefits with the provider to know about additional add-ons that you may choose. Else, an easier option is to compare car insurances here.