Compare Two Wheeler Insurance

According to a research, it has been seen that two-wheelers are usually more prone to accidents than cars especially on Indian roads, as we all know the condition of Indian roads is not as per the vehicles running on them. So, it is important and necessary to ride your two-wheeler with a valid insurance policy. Like with cars, the government of India has made it mandatory to get your two-wheeler insured too. Therefore, getting insurance for your bike will not only protect against damages and loss incurred in case of accidents but also in cases of thefts, human-made or natural disasters and third-party liability. Insurance is the best solution to meet the expenses that you may have to incur in case of loss or damage to your bike.

It is important to first compare two- wheeler insurance and then decide on which policy to you fulfills your requirements. There are so many different companies available in the market who are offering policies of all kinds. It has been noticed that because of new companies coming in the market, bike insurance segment has gone through a dramatic change. Hence, we always recommend one to compare two- wheeler insurance before opting for one. The best way is that you compare two-wheeler insurance online. With the help of online comparison, you can choose a policy that meets your requirements.

What all does the policy cover?

  • Loss or damage against man-made or natural disasters
  • Loss or damage due to accidents
  • Third party liability protection

Why compare bike insurance?

Well, here are the most important reasons why one should compare two- wheeler insurance online. Have a look!


Premium Cost:

By comparing the premiums of different companies, you will get to know what they are offering in the same policy and can choose a policy that best suits your pocket.



You can also get an idea of what all features different companies are offering in the same policy and buy the one best suitable for your requirement.


Discounts and Deductibles:

Look out for discounts and deductibles. Deductibles are where you agree to pay a certain amount in exchange for lowering your premium.


Customer Service:

Look out for a company that offers the best customer service. Excellent customer service is all that you want.

At RenewBuy you can easily compare two-wheeler insurance online. It will help you in finding the right option and the best coverage in just few clicks. Here you will get lowest quotes from the top companies. We assist you with bike insurance comparison and then let you choose the best plan effortlessly. Always remember that insurance is an investment that will secure the safety and security of your vehicle.

How to Compare two-wheeler Insurance Online?

The riskiest vehicle to ride is a motorbike, and if you own a motorcycle, you need adequate protection to safeguard your financial and physical health. According to a government study, two-wheelers are more likely to meet with an accident than a four-wheeled vehicle. Therefore, it makes total sense to get two-wheeler insurance.

However, the decision should be backed by adequate research, and you need to compare bike insurance plans before you zero in on any one particular insurance company for two-wheeler insurance. Think this is a challenging task due to the presence of so many insurance operators? Well, it is not that hard when you have RenewBuy. You can log in to RenewBuy to avail bike insurance compare services and make the right decision.

Bike insurance comparison checklist

  • Visit the website at and select your city
  • Enter your bike model and the year of its manufacturing
  • Enter the coverage you desire
  • Choose add-ons, if any
  • Submit to browse offers

Key benefits of comparing bike insurance with us

  • Among the different benefits of comparing bike insurance, we offer at RenewBuy, our facility of single-window comparison and selection is perhaps the best.
  • Our comparison list includes all the policy providers, along with their vital details, such as the premium amount and settlement ratio.
  • The key characteristic of our comparison process is that we provide 100% accuracy as well as considerate relevance to our listings available on site to help compare bike insurance plans the smart way.
  • With one-page-all-policies availability, you can be certain to have the best customer experience.

Compare Bike Insurance Plans

To get the best out of various options available, performing comparison is the most sought way. That is why we at RenewBuy help you to compare bike insurance plans available at our website so that you do not regret later. Therefore, before you buy any plan, it is advisable first to move further.

Hope you would make the best selection with and have an enjoyable insurance journey.