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It is mandatory to have bike insurance policy once you buy a new bike as per the law. However, it is not mere legal compliance but one of the most important investments you are going to make for your two-wheeler. When it comes to two wheeler insurance, HDFC ERGO two wheeler insurance is an ideal option.

HDFC ERGO bike insurance covers more than just the third party liability. It is a comprehensive package that provides complete peace of mind. If we take a general overview of the HDFC bike insurance policy, we will see that it covers the bike owner against accidental damage, coverage for third party liability, personal cover, and assured services for the bike.

What are the salient features of the HDFC ERGO Two Wheeler Insurance?

Now, that you have a general idea of what is being offered by HDFC ERGO bike insurance let us take a closer look at what is being offered:


HDFC bike insurance policy is available in multiple options and can be bought up to a duration of 3 years


The multi-year policy comes with the benefit of having the third-party component in the premium fixed for three years at the current rate and thereby ensuring higher saving with lower premium after the first year as compared to other policies


NCB or No Claim Bonus remains intact for the entire duration of the multi-year policy irrespective of any claim taken during the tenure.


An additional discount is available on the policy when you are opting for the multi-year policy


The policy covers damage caused to the bike due to any accident or due to theft or a natural disaster


It offers protection against any legal liability arising out of an accident to any third party injured or killed in the accident


Personal protection to bike owner covers him against any loss or damage caused to him/her in person due to an accident. The cover is that of 1 lac in case of death or permanent disability

What are the exclusions?

As much as knowing the inclusions are important, you need to know what is excluded from the insurance as well. Here are the scenarios that will result in non-coverage under the insurance policy.

  • Normal wear and tear to the vehicle aren't covered.
  • Electrical and mechanical breakdown of the bike will not be covered.
  • You cannot claim for accidental damage in case the person riding the bike is without a valid license.
  • If the rider is under the influence of drug or alcohol, then no claim is granted.
  • Any damage caused due to mutiny, war and a nuclear weapon isn’t covered under insurance.
  • Periodic depreciation or consequential damage isn’t covered.

It is easy to get the HDFC ERGO two wheelers insurance online. With this option, you will be able to check out the available claim limits and calculate the premium for the HDFC ERGO bike insurance online. Those who already have it can renew the HDFC bike insurance online as well. So, no more hassle with policy buying and renewal. All can be done from the comforts of home or office.