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Add On Plans For Your Sports Bike Owning a sports bike adds on to your cool quotient. But you know what’s cooler? Keeping that sports bike safe and having no anxieties while riding it. Sports bikes…

Add On Plans For Your Sports Bike

Owning a sports bike adds on to your cool quotient. But you know what’s cooler? Keeping that sports bike safe and having no anxieties while riding it. Sports bikes are not ordinary, they are extraordinary and much more powerful. A superbike needs some additional insurance coverage than what a standard bike does. Insure your sports bike properly by knowing about these add on plans for your sports bike.

Why does a sports bike need extra coverage more than an average bike?

Sports bike or superbikes need extra cover than an average bike for multiple simple reasons like –

  • It costs much more than an average bike

  • A two-wheeler is always prone to higher risk

  • Any individual spends a lot of savings to buy a luxury superbike to maintain one’s financial stability; an insurance cover is a requirement

  • Having insurance for your bike, especially a sports bike, has been made mandatory by the law

  • Add-on two-wheeler insurance covers offer extensive coverage with maximum benefits for nominal costs

In this case, the wisest move is to have an insurance cover to avoid any financial or other distressful situation caused by that superbike parked on your porch. However, one always needs to be aware at two levels; one at the level of following preliminary and precautionary safety practices and another at the level of negligence. Indeed, there are unforeseen and unpredictable events in the outer world, but being aware, smart and careful can save you many monies and even your own life.

Sports Bike Insurance Add Ons

While there are multiple add on covers available for your superbike, you have to be sure of what exactly you need and which product will cater to all your needs. Let’s have a look at a comprehensive list of add on covers for your superbike insurance-

1. Medical Cover:

If your superbike has become dependable, you might have to manage your daily commute in case of an accident or any severe damage to your machine.

If your bike is covered with this insurance, it takes care of your daily cash allowance on pre-decided terms.

2. Third-party liability cover:

This would cover any injuries, death, or property damage caused to a third party because of the insured bike. It will also cover third party legal liabilities.

3. Zero Depreciation Add-On:

Superbikes require super maintenance. Regular wear and tear of the bike and its depreciation will amount to quite a large sum which can be eliminate while settling the claim with zero depreciation insurance cover. Any mechanical fault which goes through vehicle warranty by the manufacturer are also not covered in insurance. Such numbers are not covered under a comprehensive policy, but only under zero depreciation add on.

4. Pillion Rider Cover:

When your pillion rider ought to be your loved one mostly, this cover is a must for you. Any accident or mishap leading to injuries, tragedy, lifelong disabilities will be covered under this add on. This is not only for a family member but for anyone who is the pillion rider for you.

Things to keep in mind while Buying Sports Bike Insurance:

There are a few things that you should keep in mind while you are hunting the right insurance for your sports bike-

  • Compare multiple insurance policies and pick the one which suits your needs and your bike’s features

  • A plan with an appropriate amount of deductible will be the most suitable buy

  • Make an enquiry about any discount that you may get

  • Pick an insurance plan as per your bike’s features and status

Sports Bike Insurance Coverage

The factors a cover will take care of will primarily be the following-

1. Personalised Add-Ons Insurance:

If you have personally modified your bike as per your requirement and style quotient, then indeed these parts should be protected at no overhead expense whatsoever. Everyone is aware of the sky-high prices of these luxurious add ons and their repair. Ensuring a cover for your stylish bike will become essential in this case.

2. Safety Insurance For Your Health:

A ride on the superbike can mostly be smooth and adventurous, but the days which go bad due to negligence or any unexpected circumstance can lead to severe injuries. All such damages are mostly covered in this type of insurance.

3. Crash Coverage:

Your bike getting crashed due to any circumstance like unforeseen events on the road or even natural disasters, human-made disasters, etc. are inclusive in this type of insurance.

4. Third-Party Damage:

Just how a tragedy or an accident might impact you, similarly it can impact another party involved in the tragedy. Your insurance can help you pay off this liability of the injuries or any property damage smoothly.

Sports Bike Insurance Ad On Conclusion

After spending a bomb on a luxury superbike, spending another sensible amount to protect it is the wisest thing, you can do to your life. This does not have multiple opinions. Buying insurance for that machine you have spent a chunk of your savings on can surely be intimidating. It is not only about which insurance provider you can trust with your sports bike. Negotiate the best premium for the perfect insurance plan suited for your needs. Make your life easier by making this informed decision of picking the right insurance cover for your sports bike by approaching your well-wisher Renew Buy. We will guide you through the whole process of selecting and getting one. However, this does not reduce your role as a responsible driver. Insurance cover will make tragic scenarios stress free for you. Put your worries to rest and invest in the best!

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