LIC E-Services

LIC E-Services

  • Track Your LIC Policy
  • Check LIC Claim Status
  • Enroll Multiple LIC Policies

LIC E-Services

Life Insurance Corporation of India has secured the most extensive customer base across India by offering several types of life insurance policies at an affordable cost. While many private life insurance companies are revolutionizing their processes to improve the customer experience, LIC of India is also expanding its digital span. The LIC e-services portal is the primary drive to make the LIC services accessible to each and every without even visiting the LIC branch in person.

Let’s explore LIC e-services, their features, the working process, and how you can leverage the service if you are a LIC policyholder.

Features of LIC E-Services

LIC e-services come up with several features that help the LIC policyholders function in policy-related activities from the comfort of their homes. Let’s explore the major features of LIC e-services.


User-Friendly Interface

The web and mobile application interface of LIC e-services is user-friendly so that every individual can access various features easily.


Policy Related Activities

With e-services LIC, the customers can keep track of the status of all the LIC policies, including LIC premium due dates, upcoming benefits, etc., without connecting with an insurance agent or visiting the LIC branch.


Add LIC Policies

If you own multiple LIC policies, you can add all the LIC policies in a single account without making a new one. By doing so, LIC has minimized the paperwork and let the policyholders access all the terms and conditions in just a few clicks.


Save Time and Energy

No more need to run to LIC branches and stand in long queues or wait for an appointment with LIC agents. Access your policy details by logging in to the LIC e-services portal anytime. This ultimately saves you time and energy.


LIC Payment Receipt Generation

Once you make a payment through the LIC e-service portal, a receipt is generated automatically that can be downloaded and used in future.


100% Secured

All the personal data and information on the platform remain secure and isn’t shared with any third-party organizations.

Facilities Provided by LIC E-Services

Facilities Provided by E-Service LIC

By registering for LIC e-services website, the policyholders can gain comprehensive support regarding their LIC policies. All the services only possible by visiting the LIC branch can now be accessed using mobile phones or laptops. Let's look closer at the services offered by the LIC e-services online portal.


LIC Policy Status Check

Using the LIC e-services portal, the policyholder can check LIC policy status and other details like sum assured, plan benefits, start date, maturity date, additional benefits, such as LIC tax benefits, etc.


LIC Premium Payment

The policyholders can now use the LIC e-services portal to pay their premiums, loan repayment, and other charges as per the benefits selected.


Multiple Payment Options

LIC e-services offer multiple payment options like net banking, credit card, debit card, BHIM, and UPI to make LIC premium payments as per the suitability and convenience of the customers.


LIC Policy Bonus Status

In case the LIC policy offers any bonuses, all related details are visible on the LIC e-services portal.


LIC Policy Claim Status

LIC e-services portal lets you access all the important dates like survival dates, premium due date, maturity date, and complete policy tenure.


Policy Revival

In case an LIC policy is lapsed, the policyholder can see a quotation to revive the lapsed LIC policy.


Paid Claim History

In case any claim has been processed under the LIC policy, the policyholder can see the claim history with all the details, like claim amount, payment processed, payment paid date, etc.


LIC Grievance Registration

LIC e-services offer the facility to file the grievance with LIC of India directly from the portal.


Online Loan

If the policyholder needs a loan against LIC policy to fulfil their financial needs, they can apply for a loan and check the status.


Agent Locators

By logging in to the LIC e-services website, the policyholder can access several locators, including agent and branch locators, to find help nearby.

Who Can Register for LIC E-Services

Any individual owning LIC policy in the name of self or for their minor child can easily register for the LIC e-services website. The major advantage is that they do not need to pay a single penny for using any online services available. The registration for LIC e-services makes the LIC policyholder eligible to use all the available features of the LIC customer portal.

In case the policyholder wants to register their spouse, they need to make another account separately using the unique User ID and password and start using LIC e-services.

Registration Process to Use E-Services LIC

LIC e-services platform is helpful for the LIC policyholder and the LIC agents to perform all the policy-related tasks effortlessly. You can follow the given step-by-step process based on your motive to use the LIC e-service portal.

LIC E-Services for New Users:

  • Visit the official website of LIC of India.
  • Go to the ‘login’ option available on the right side of the homepage and select ‘customer portal’ from the drop-down menu.
  • The next screen takes you to the LIC e-services page. Click on ‘Don’t have an Account? Sign up’ option is available at the bottom.
  • Provide the required information and click on ‘Proceed’.
  • You can create the User ID and Password of your choice to complete the LIC online process.

Go back to the LIC e-services login screen, and use the same User ID and password to log in to the e-services LIC portal. To use all the eservices LIC, you must fill out a form and register all your policies. The form should be printed, signed, and uploaded as a scanned image on the portal. Also, upload all the necessary documents as listed to get an acknowledgement from the company. Now, you can use all the LIC online services and tools on the portal. This makes your LIC policy management easy in just a few clicks.

LIC E-Services for an Agent:

For LIC agents, LIC has enabled Merchant Portal to perform all the policy-related tasks.

  • Visit the official website of LIC of India.
  • Go to the ‘login’ option available on the right side of the homepage and select ‘Merchant Portal’ from the drop-down menu.
  • The next screen takes you to the LIC Merchant Portal Login page, where you can use the unique User ID and password provided by the IRDAI.
  • After login, you can access all the features to assist the policyholders regarding LIC policy queries.


There you are, all prepared to use LIC e-services without any inconveniences. LIC of India has enabled the policyholders to access all their policies in one place. Now, you can check your LIC policy status or make LIC premium payments from anywhere, anytime, without delay. You can also access 24/7 active LIC customer support services to solve your queries and concerns.