How to Find LIC Policy Number?

How to Find LIC Policy Number?

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Ways to Find LIC Policy Number

The Life Insurance Corporation of India issued over 20.4 million new individual policies in the financial year 2023 (Source). The LIC records a claim settlement ratio of 92.65% for maturity claims and 98.60% (per the IRDAI annual report 2022-23) for death claims, providing financial assistance to policyholders.

Customers can purchase different life insurance policies based on their needs and requirements to secure themselves against any life risk. Life Insurance Corporation issues an LIC policy number used to pay premiums, file claims, and check policy details at any time.

But what if your LIC policy number is lost? How can you find the LIC policy number? This article discusses different ways to get the LIC policy no. Keep reading!

What is the Significance of LIC Policy Number?

The LIC policy number is used to identify different policies issued to policyholders. Saving your LIC number is important to ease policy management and gain the required support in a time of need. Here are the key points highlighting the significance of LIC policy no.:


Proof of Insurance

LIC policy documents and policy number validate that the policy is issued in the name of the policyholder or their child or others. You can use it in financial planning, legal matters, and availing tax benefits. The life insurance policy can help you gain tax benefits under Section 80C of the IT Act.


Processing the Claim

When filing an LIC claim, whether a maturity, survival, or death claim, the policy number is the first requirement for locating the policy details and ensuring the claim is processed accurately.


Premium Payments

LIC policy number is required to make LIC premium payments, whether online or offline, to ensure the amount is credited to the respective policy.


Customer Service Communications

As a customer, you may need customer support anytime, or there might be chances that you want to file a complaint or need to make an inquiry. Providing the LIC policy number to the LIC customer support team helps them access the details quickly.


Accessing the Policy Information

Policyholders can use the LIC policy number to log into the LIC portal or mobile app to view their policy details, check premium due dates, track policy status, and monitor accrued bonuses and benefits.

How to Get LIC Policy Number?

Investing in LIC policies is a long-term commitment. Sometimes, policyholders may lose their policy documents and numbers by mistake, mostly in case of misplacement, single-premium policy, or when the parent has purchased the policy for their child and has not informed them about it. This may create an issue during the claim or prevent them from gaining maturity or survival benefits.

In such conditions, finding the LIC policy number can help claim the benefits. The policyholder can get the LIC policy number using the right credentials, such as name and date of birth. Let’s look at the process in detail.

Find LIC Policy Number Online Through LIC Portal

After purchasing an LIC policy, customers must register on the LIC customer login portal to keep track of their policies. At the time of registration, they create credentials to log in to the customer portal on the LIC official website.

Policyholders can find the LIC policy no. online using the login details by following the given steps:

  • Visit the LIC of India official website at
  • Go to the ‘login’ option on the navigation bar.
  • Select the ‘customer portal’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Login with the User ID and password.
  • On the webpage, you can see your LIC policy number with all the important details.

There might be cases where the LIC policyholders do not remember their User ID and password, but they can find the LIC policy no. using their mobile number and date of birth. Follow the given steps:

  • At the LIC customer login page, switch to log in with OTP.
  • Provide your mobile number and date of birth.
  • You will receive the OTP on your mobile. Verify it and log in on the customer portal.
  • You will see all the details of the listed policies, including the policy number.

Find LIC Policy Number Using ‘Unclaimed and Outstanding Amounts to Policyholders’ Facility

Using the ‘Unclaimed and Outstanding Amounts to Policyholders’ option is available if you have an outstanding amount that needs to be processed but remains unclaimed. In this case, you must visit the portal and use your name and date of birth to login.

The information is updated every six months. Once you enter the relevant information, you will see any outstanding unclaimed amount with the LIC policy number.

Find LIC Policy Number Offline

The LIC of India offers online methods only for unclaimed policies that remain unclaimed for six months from maturity. So you can opt for offline methods to check LIC policy no. You can follow any of the given offline methods to retrieve the information about the LIC policy number:


Contact the LIC Agent

The easiest way to retrieve the LIC policy number is to contact the LIC agent who issued the policy to you. LIC agents have their LIC Partner Portal, where they can access the company database and check the list of the policies they have issued to their policyholders. They will only require the name and date of birth to get the LIC policy number.


Get LIC Policy Number at Home Branch

The best way to find your LIC number is to reach the home branch where the LIC policy was initially purchased. The Life Insurance Corporation officials will verify the kind of request and start the recovery process using any documents provided by the policyholder.

Remember to bring your PAN Card or any other proof of identity. If the officials find the query genuine, they will search their database to see if any LIC policy is issued in your name.


Visit the Nearest LIC Branch

If the policyholder is unable to visit the LIC home branch, they can reach any nearest LIC branch. They can request the LIC policy number by providing important details like name, date of birth, and PAN number.

Bottom Line

Misplacing the LIC policy number is a general issue that policyholders face. This happens when the policy is issued as a single premium payment policy or when the information is not conveyed or protected. Keeping your LIC policy document handy is essential to claim the benefits during maturity, survival, or death.

Always keep your documents protected. In odd cases, when the documents are lost, you can retrieve them online or with the help of name and date of birth. Just reach the LIC home branch, or LIC nearest branch, or LIC agent.

For more information, connect with the 24X7 available customer support team.