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HDFC Car Insurance

HDFC Ergo Car Insurance provides complete protection to your vehicle against any kind of damage. The company has been in the market for a while now and the brand has a reputation for providing the best car insurance coverage. You get various products with HDFC Motor Insurance, like bike insurance, four-wheeler insurance, etc. The HDFC Ergo Comprehensive Motor Insurance plan provides the policyholder with all-encompassing coverage because it protects them from damage expenditures and third-party liabilities. Other than that, the company also provides other plans as well.

Today, we will discuss every fine detail of the HDFC Ergo Motor Insurance policies so that you get an idea of the best HDFC motor insurance plan for yourself.

HDFC Ergo Car Insurance at a Glance

Let us look at the features of HDFC Vehicle Insurance:

Particulars Specifications
Cashless Network Garages 7900+
Claim Settlement Ratio(As per company’s website)* 100%
Premium Starting at INR 2072
Fast Buying Process You can buy HDFC Car Insurance in just 3 minutes.

The data has been sourced from the company's website.

Key Features & Benefits of HDFC Ergo Car Insurance

People wishing to purchase or renew a vehicle insurance policy have several options with HDFC motor insurance. The company provides full coverage auto insurance and optional add-ons to improve coverage. Let us take a look at some of the key features and benefits of HDFC Ergo Motor insurance.

  • Discounted Premiums: With HDFC vehicle insurance, you can get upto 70% off on premiums. These massive discounts allow you to save a good amount of money, making HDFC insurance more affordable.
  • 24*7 Roadside Assistance: One of the most important features when buying a car insurance plan. HDFC motor insurance provides 24*7 roadside assistance to policyholders for a smooth journey.
  • Instant Policy: If you want to buy HDFC Motor Insurance, you can get it instantly. The company allows you to buy a policy online in less than 3 minutes. Online car insurance is a new way to save time.
  • Zero Documentation: Buying car insurance online will help you save time, effort, and documentation. Everything will be delivered online, and you don’t have to worry about anything.
  • Cashless Network Garages: With HDFC Ergo four-wheeler Insurance, you will get a facility of 7900+ network garages, which is a good number compared to the competition.

Coverage Under HDFC Ergo Car Insurance

Let us look at everything covered under HDFC motor insurance.

  • Theft/Robbery: If your vehicle is stolen or suffers significant unintended damage that cannot be repaired without difficulty, HDFC Ergo General Insurance will compensate you for the insured declared value, also known as the car's total market value.
  • Natural Disasters: the company’s damage protection or comprehensive insurance for your four-wheeler can cover you against losses caused by natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, cyclones, etc.
  • Accidental Damage: HDFC motor insurance will pay for any harm done to your vehicle as a result of an accident.
  • Add-ons: One of the add-ons from the list designed to protect your car against certain dangers may be a part of your comprehensive auto insurance coverage.
  • Third-Party Liability: The driver of a vehicle is shielded by third-party liability insurance from being held responsible for another party's claims for bodily injury or death stemming from an accident that occurs while you or another authorised driver is operating the vehicle. HDFC Car Insurance covers the same.

Exclusions Under HDFC Car Insurance

According to every private auto insurance company, there are often a few things the vehicle insurance policy does not cover. Let's examine the vehicle insurance exclusions for HDFC car plans.

  • Depreciation: The value of the vehicle is impacted financially by depreciation. Your car's worth determines how much your insurance policy or premium will cost. If you buy an HDFC four-wheeler insurance policy, depreciation will not be covered in the car's value.
  • Mechanical Breakdown: Any electrical or mechanical issues in the vehicle will not be covered by HDFC auto insurance.
  • Invalid Driving License: A driver may occasionally have an expired licence while operating a car. Given that it is considered to be an unlawful activity, HDFC car insurance will not support any claims in such circumstances.

Add-ons for HDFC Ergo Car Insurance

The add-ons that HDFC motor Insurance offers are as follows:

  • Tyre Coverage: By covering damages to your car's tubes and tyres that aren't the result of collisions, the vehicle insurance policy's tyre protection benefit covers this gap. When calculating the claim's value under this add-on, the degree of tyre wear is a crucial factor.
  • No-claim Bonus: The insurance company will frequently give you a discount on the insurance premium when you renew your policy for a second year. If you don't make any claims for five years, you can receive a maximum 50% discount on your premiums.
  • Engine Coverage: Comprehensive vehicle insurance does not cover engine damage unless it occurs at the same time as the event. We'll look at how this adjustment affects the engine.
  • Roadside Assistance: In case of a car breakdown, the roadside auto assistance cover will make it easier to access support services. If your car is destroyed, it won't be an issue because HDFC four-wheeler insurance offers an extensive network.
  • Downtime Protection: If your vehicle has to be repaired at one of the insurer's network garages, you will be reimbursed for the cost of a different mode of transportation.

Claim Process Under HDFC Ergo Car Insurance

The following describes the HDFC vehicle Insurance claim resolution process:

  • Register your claim with HDFC General Insurance and the process will be started online.
  • You can do your inspections or have a surveyor or workshop partner conduct a digital inspection using an app.
  • Track your claim by using the HDFC claim tracker.
  • Wait for the claim approval.

Renewal Process HDFC Ergo Car Insurance

Let us look at the Renewal Process of HDFC Motor Insurance.

Online Method

  • Visit the HDFC Car Insurance Company's website.
  • Go to the "Renewal" section and choose it.
  • On the new tab, you will be asked to select the car and other information.
  • Enter the data, including the car insurance policy and registration numbers.

Offline Method

You can renew your HDFC vehicle insurance offline if you cannot do so online. You must present the relevant documentation to the centre to finish the renewal process.

Documents Required for HDFC Car Insurance Renewal

You will need a few supporting documents when renewing your HDFC four-wheeler insurance policy to finish the process. Here is the list of documents:

  • Old car Insurance Policy
  • Govt. ID Proofs
  • Valid Driving License
  • RC
  • Updated Photograph
  • Credit/ Debit Card Details

HDFC Car Insurance Contact Details

Here you can find the contact details that you can use to get in touch with HDFC motor insurance.

Office Address: 1st Floor, HDFC House, 165-166 Backbay Reclamation, H. T. Parekh Marg, Churchgate, Mumbai – 400 020

Contact Number: +91 22 6234 6234/+91 120 6234 6234

Email Address: