Star Health Policy Download

Star Health Policy Download

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  • 99.02% Claim Settlement Ratio
  • Get ₹1 Crore Life Cover @₹17/Day


In the age of digital convenience, Star Health Policy Download provides policyholders with a seamless and efficient way to access and manage their insurance coverage. With just a few clicks, policyholders can download their Star Health Insurance policy documents, ensuring easy access to critical information and peace of mind. This article will explore the benefits and steps involved in downloading your Star Health Insurance policy, empowering you to take control of your coverage.

How to Download Star Health Policy Download?

You can download your Star Health Policy in two ways, i.e., online and offline. The process of downloading your Star Health Insurance policy is simple and user-friendly. Below, we have mentioned both processes in detail to download your star health policy documents:

Online via Star Health Insurance Official Website


Visit the “Star Health Insurance” official website.


Click on "Sign in" in the top right corner.


You will see a drop-down showing two options, i.e., Retail Customers and Corporate Customers.


Select “Retail Customer” from the drop-down.


The next screen will show you a section where you need to enter your registered email address, user ID, mobile address and password.


Then, go to the "My policies" section.


Select the specific policy you want to download.


Click on "Download Policy Document" and save the PDF file.

Online via Star Health Insurance App


Download and install the Star Health mobile app (Android and iOS).


Log in using your registered mobile number, user ID and password.


Tap on the "Policies" section.


Choose the specific policy you want to download.


Tap on "Download Policy Document" and save the PDF file.

Through Customer Care of Star Health Insurance


Call Star Health Insurance Customer Care at 1800 425 2255 / 1800 102 4477 (Mon-Sat, 10 am-7 pm IST).


Tell them your policy number and personal information.


Request a copy of your star health policy document to be emailed to you.

Through RenewBuy


Connect with your RenewBuy POSP Advisor.


Tell them your policy number and request a Star Health Policy Document copy.


They will send you a link or email you your star health policy document in PDF format.

Offline Process


Locate your nearest Star Health Insurance branch office.


Visit the branch during business hours.


Explain your request to a representative and provide your policy number and personal information.


They will assist you in printing a copy of your policy document.

Benefits of Star Health Policy Download

Downloading your Star Health Insurance policy offers several benefits that add convenience, accessibility and peace of mind. Here are some of the key benefits of Star Health Policy download:


Instant Access

By downloading your Star Health Insurance policy, you get instant access to your policy documents, eliminating the need to wait for physical copies to arrive by mail. This ensures quick access to important information when needed.


Convenience and Portability

Once you download your Star Health policy document, it is easy to store it on your electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablets or laptops. It allows you to take your insurance documents with you, ensuring easy reference and access.


Secure Storage and Backup Options

Storing your policy documents digitally helps secure storage and backup. You can save copies of your policy documents in secure cloud storage or external storage devices. This ensures that even if your device is lost, damaged or stolen, you can easily retrieve your policy documents and maintain access to your star health plan.


Enhanced Data Security

Star Health Insurance ensures the security of its digital policy documents. Star Health Insurance protects your personal information and policy details.


Reduction of Physical Document Management

Digital policy documents help reduce the need for physical document management. This reduces the risk of losing important policy documents and eliminates clutter in your home or office.

What Content Does Star Health Insurance Plan Document Contain?

The Star Health Insurance plan document typically contains comprehensive information about the policy and its coverage. Here are some common components found in a Star Health Insurance plan document:


Policy Number

A unique ID assigned to the insurance policy.


Policyholder Details

Name, address, and contact information of the policyholder.


Insured Person Details

Name, age, and relationship to the policyholder of each insured individual covered under the policy.


Sum Insured

This is the maximum amount the insurance company will pay the policyholders to cover medical expenses during the policy term.


Coverage Benefits

A list of medical treatments, procedures, and services covered by the policy.



Medical treatments, conditions, or services that are not covered under the policy.


Waiting Periods

The duration for which policyholders must wait before getting coverage for certain conditions or treatments.



The percentage of medical expenses that the policyholder needs to pay out of his/her pocket.



The policyholder must pay the initial amount before the insurance coverage is activated.


Policy Period

The duration of the policy, including the start and end dates.


Renewal Information

Details on the renewal process, including premium payment due dates and procedures.


Premium Amount

The cost of the insurance policy for the specified period. Grace Period: A specified period after the due date during which the policy can be renewed without losing continuity.


Grace Period

A specified period after the due date during which the policy can be renewed without losing continuity.


Termination and Cancellation

Conditions under which the policy can be terminated or cancelled, along with any applicable refund policies.


Claim Filing Procedures

Guidelines on how to file a claim, including the required documents and supporting evidence.


Claim Settlement Process

Information on how Star Health Insurance processes and settles claims.


Contact Information of the company

Contact details of the Star Health Insurance company.


Additional Coverage

Any additional benefits or coverage options selected by the policyholder.


Terms and Conditions

Specific terms and conditions for the additional benefits and riders.



Definitions of key terms and phrases used throughout the policy document.


Star Health Policy Download empowers policyholders to access and manage their Star Health Insurance plan safely and flexibly. By taking advantage of the benefits of digital policy documents, you will get instant access and portability and contribute to a sustainable environment. Follow the steps mentioned above to download your Star Health Insurance policy and enjoy the convenience of having your coverage easily available whenever needed.