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Top Up Health Insurance: Buy Top Up Health Insurance/ Mediclaim Policy Online

Are you convinced that you have the best medical insurance plan that covers everything? Are you confident that in your hour of need, your insurance amount will be sufficient? If the answer is a dubious no, then you need a health insurance top-up policy. It is like the additional support you need in an event your insured sum from your base health insurance policy gets exhausted. Many companies now give you the option of extending your medical cover, without burning holes in your budget.

Basically, health insurance super top-up plans are an added coverage for people who already have a health insurance. The top-up cover is used when the insured sum in your existing policy gets exhausted. Many people think that health insurance and top-up plans are the same. However, the main difference between the two is the deductible amount. A top-up plan is beneficial because it provides the backup when your base plan gets drained.

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What Does Health Super Top-Up Plan Cover?

A top-up plan is like your basic health insurance policy that covers hospitalisation expenses. However, for the top-up to be triggered, the threshold amount needs to be crossed. This threshold limit is known as the deductible. Simply put, this amount is not covered by the insurer. The claimant has to pay this amount before they can benefit from the top-up plan. The usefulness of a top plan lies in the higher deductible that reduces the premium amount, thereby reducing the premium.

Advantages of Super Top-Up Plan

When your current health insurance is supplemented by a top-up plan, it brings plenty of benefits with it. Some of these advantages of top-up health insurance plans are:

  • Increased cover at minimal premium
  • Tax benefit under section 80D
  • Top-up plan can be used to pay your bills when your deductible limit is exhausted
  • Pays all your expenses during hospitalisation when your health insurance sum is completely used
  • Takes care of medical bills in case of emergency

When do you need a top-up plan?

Buying extra health insurance policy to increase your coverage can be expensive. Even upgrading your health insurance policy can beef up your premiums. However, if you take a mediclaim top-up plan, you can enjoy the same benefits at a lower premium. When your threshold limit gets used up, the rest of bills and medical expenses are borne by the top-up insurance.

You can opt for top-up health insurance plans if,

  • Your current health insurance policy doesn’t provide adequate cover
  • You want to increase the protection without paying higher premium

Inclusion & Exclusion in top-up medical insurance


  • Deductible (or existing sum insured)
  • Sum insured
  • Pre hospitalisation
  • Post hospitalisation
  • In patient care
  • Day care treatment
  • Health check-up
  • ICU charges
  • Doctor’s fee
  • Room rent


  • Any pre-existing illness or injury that was detected within the first 2-years prior to issuance of first policy
  • Diseases contracted within the first month from the policy start date, accidents are exempted
  • Expenses incurred due to attempted suicide or self-inflicted injury
  • Medical expenses incurred due to alcohol or substance abuse
  • Contact lenses, spectacles and dental expenses
  • Congenital disease

Eligibility Criteria:

The basic requirements to apply for top-up plan includes:

  • The proposer must be an adult but some plans allow a dependent child of 1 day also to be covered under the policy and no maximum age limit
  • No pre-existing medical conditions

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If you have made the choice then all you need to do is make the payment online and relax while we send out the policy document to your mailbox for your reference. The simplified process to compare super top-up plans makes RenewBuy the first choice to assess and purchase health top-up plans the smart way.

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