Compare Health Insurance Plan

A health emergency is something that we never want to occur in our family. With today’s fast-paced sedentary, and stressful lifestyle, it is a routine to see illnesses creep in within the family. In such times, if there is no adequate financial protection, your problems escalate significantly.

To avoid the double blows of financial and emotional trauma during a medical emergency, it is strongly recommended to opt for a suitable health insurance plan to get financial protection when it matters the most – during a medical emergency. More and more people are looking for the best health insurance in India to protect themselves from financial losses due to a medical emergency.

While buying health insurance, it is essential to compare various health insurance schemes to determine the right insurance plan for your needs. With the advancement in technology, the right plan is just a few clicks away.

How to Compare Health Insurance?

Today, there are so many operators offering health insurance. If you want to compare health insurance plans, it will not be wise to travel to their offices, pick up their sales brochure, and compare their plans. A smarter approach will be to compare health insurance quotes from the comfort of your home or office without having to spend a lot of time travelling to the insurance office. If you are wondering how to compare health insurance policies, then here is a simple way:

  • Visit (
  • Go to the RenewBuy premium calculator page
  • Fill in the details in the form provided to you
  • The details that you need to provide include gender, age, and contact number
  • Select if you want an individual or a family floater plan
  • Select the number of members that you want to include in the plan
  • Choose the amount of sum insured that you need in the calculator
  • Add the pin code of the city that you belong to
  • Hit ‘Instant Quote’ to view the quotes of different policies
  • You can also customise the quotes according to riders, plan benefits, and pre-existing diseases
  • Compare the different policies available in the list
  • Once you choose the policy, you can buy the policy after filling in your details and paying the premium

You can easily choose a health policy with this facility and compare it with others to check the premium, features, and benefits. With this powerful tool, you get to compare health insurance quotes and make a data-backed decision on choosing the right provider and a qualified plan for protecting your loved ones.

Why Compare Health Insurance with Us?

RenewBuy’s comprehensive listing allows you to search for quotes from leading insurance providers in the country. All you need to do is compare health insurance plans and select the right one based on your research and your specific coverage requirement. You can make a side-by-side comparison of the various features and advantages provided by a company.

Advantages of Comparing Health Insurance Online

Different health insurance plans are listed on the website, such as individual health insurance and family health insurance. The wide array of plans available in a single place, making it extremely convenient to shop for different plans, compare health insurance online, and buy one after understanding and analysing all the information. The comparison between different insurers helps you seal the deal and make the right purchase to protect yourself and your family members.

Apart from this, the other advantages include:


Multiple Plans

You can check out multiple plans in a matter of seconds after providing basic information. This makes the process of comparison easy and efficient.


Comprehensive Data

The data provided about health insurance is wide encompassing. It covers diagnostic screenings, ICU costs, post-hospitalisation care, accommodation and lodging.


Easy of Purchase

Once you have selected which provider to go with, you can buy online on the same portal without any hassles about documentation. In most cases, you also do not need a pre-medical exam to buy a policy for yourself and your family.


Useful Insights

The comparison presents many insights about a provider (features on offer, list of exclusions, and coverage details. With this, your research will get strengthened significantly, enabling a smart decision.



Online health insurance comparison is cost-effective as you do not have to pay a fee to compare different policies. This will help you make the right choice with ease. It will also help you save time as it is a speedy process that takes a few minutes only.

Therefore, with RenewBuy’s easy-to-understand interface, comparing insurance quotes online has become very easy. You can select from the multiple providers available and protect yourself and your family from financial losses that may arise from any medical emergencies.

Things To Consider While Health Insurance Comparison

Health insurance comparison is not a difficult task. You have to consider certain factors when comparing different insurance plans and choose the best health insurance in India. These factors include:

  • The Premium and the Coverage Offered

    It is not advisable to focus only on the coverage or the premium. It is important to take both things together and then compare the policies. An ideal plan should have comprehensive coverage along with an affordable premium. It would be best if you considered all the features before you buy the policy for yourself.

  • Add-On Covers

    Health insurance plans have optional coverage, also known as riders or add-on covers. These covers are added to the policy at an additional premium. Although the premium for these covers is low, they greatly enhance the coverage of the policy. So, check with the insurance provider to find which policy offers the riders that you require.

  • Claim Settlement Ratio

    Another thing that you can compare is the CSR of different companies. The better the history of claim settlement, the better the chances of getting your claim settled. But this is just an aspect, and it is required to consider other factors, as well.

  • Discounts

    Many insurers offer discounts on the purchase of a policy. So, you can check for the insurance companies offering a discount and choose the one that suits your requirements.

  • List of Network Hospitals

    When you compare plans, you must also check whether an insurer has a network hospital in the vicinity of your home or office. This will help you to a great extent when the need for medical attention arises.

    Thus, these are the simple factors that you need to consider while comparing multiple policies.


With RenewBuy, health insurance comparison has become easy and efficient. If you compare health insurance, you will consider all the aspects that different policies have and the inclusions and exclusions in the policies. This will allow you to choose the right policy to protect yourself from financial losses in case of any medical emergencies.