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BMW Car Insurance: Buy and Renew Your BMW Car Insurance Online

Marques like Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW) need no introduction. Founded in 1916, BMW is a luxury vehicle, car, engine and motorcycle manufacturer headquartered in Munich Germany. It has been spearheading manufacture of electric cars for 40 years now. Since, the debut of its first electric car, 1602e in 1972 it has never looked back.


BMW   offers a powerful package of additional services with excellent BMW insurance quote that will take care of the unpredictable and the unforeseen. So, you can just sit back comfortably, relax and play your favourite loop while letting your roadster cruise elegantly. Affording a luxury car like BMW is not a headache if you have a BMW motor vehicle insurance, rest assured and gets insured.


Some of the key features of BMW car insurance:

  1. From the moment of purchase, BMW car insurance assures the coverage of your car
  2. Other than the car, BMW provides coverage to standard accessories as well. Users got to pay a certain amount for getting coverage for accessories
  3. BMW car insurance offers you a hassle-free switch. If you want to switch your insurance provider, you can do it without much ado.
  4. It covers towing of your vehicle too. Whenever your car needs towing, it will be done by a well-qualified BMW technician. Your car will always be in safe hands.

The top 5 most insured BMW cars:

  1. BMW 1 Series: The BMW 1 series comes with the 8-speed Steptronic transmission and is a key element of its dynamic performance.  With a calibre of reaching 0-100 km/h in just 8.1 seconds, the vehicle is fuel efficient and incorporates flat headlights with full LED technology.
  2. BMW X1: The BMW X1 is one of the cars that you often look forward to buying. Its powerfully defined silhouette with a long wheelbase and short overhangs cuts is simply eye catching, while the combination of BMW Efficient Dynamics and BMW Twin Power makes it fuel efficient. Apart from looks and design, it also offers a sense of safety, directional stability and traction to its users.
  3. BMW 3 Series GT: It may be rightly called the ‘speedster for the sporty’. Its active rear spoiler optimises the airflow and ensures a journey free from glitches. The precise contours and finely sculpted design make it look powerful. Frameless windows and long wheel base inspire a sense of independence in you once you step into the car.
  4. BMW 7 Series: Crafted using ‘Technological Poetry’, BMW 7 Series blends the hues of science and art. Functions such as BMW Laser light, BMW Gesture Control have been incorporated keeping in mind the future standards. It also offers a Touch Command that can help you control the key function. The future of sedan is here with better efficiency and improved standards.
  5. BMW i8: Powerfully shaped surface that looks like a sports car at first glance has a lot to offer. A mix of sustainability and efficiency it is a plug-in-hybrid, i.e., it comes with an electric motor and a powerful petrol engine. The unique lithium-ion high-voltage battery joins the sections of the drive module and protects it from outside influence. In short, it is an ingenious vehicle engineered in style.
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