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Toyota Car Insurance

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Car insurance purchase is fundamental to owning a vehicle as it offers protection and financial security in case of unforeseen events. If you're a Toyota owner, knowing about the right Toyota car insurance plan can help safeguard your investment and ensure peace of mind on the road.

Here, we'll cover the basics of Toyota car insurance, breaking down what it means for the everyday driver. Whether you're a seasoned Toyota owner or considering purchasing one, this guide aims to simplify the car insurance purchase process, making it easy to grasp and apply to your circumstances.

Before we get to the premium estimates or steps to buy Toyota insurance, let’s shed some light on the car manufacturer.

More About Toyota Motor Corporation

Toyota Motor Corporation is one of the global giants in the automotive industry. It produces around 10 million vehicles annually worldwide. Originating from Japan, the company has a significant presence in various countries, including India, where it operates under the name Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited (a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation). Despite facing stiff market competition, the subsidiary holds the distinction of being the fourth-largest car manufacturer in the country, following giants like Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, and Mahindra.

The following table covers some of the top-rated Toyota cars available in India:

Toyota Car Model Mileage (Approx.) Approx. Price (Ex-showroom)
Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder 19-27 kmpl Rs. 11.14 Lakh onwards
Toyota Innova Crysta 14-16 kmpl Rs. 19.99 Lakh onwards
Toyota Innova Hycross 16-23 kmpl Rs. 19.77 Lakh onwards
Toyota Rumion 20-26 kmpl. Rs. 10.44 Lakh onwards.
Toyota Glanza 22-30 kmpl Rs. 6.86 Lakh onwards
Toyota Fortuner 10-14 kmpl Rs. 33.43 Lakh onwards

Disclaimer: The mileage figures and prices mentioned for different Toyota models are subject to variation. Actual mileage may differ based on driving conditions, maintenance, and individual driving habits. Similarly, prices may vary depending on location, dealership incentives, taxes, etc.

Toyota Car Insurance Price Estimate for Different Car Models

The following table provides an estimate of Toyota car insurance for different car models:

Car Model Ex-showroom Price Insured Declared Value (IDV) Zero Depreciation Cover Toyota Car Insurance Premium
Glanza E MT Rs. 6.80 Lakhs approx. Rs. 6.46 Lakhs approx. Rs. 1,600 approx. Rs. 17,000 onwards
Rumion S MT NEO Rs. 10.25 Lakhs approx. Rs. 9.75 Lakhs approx. Rs. 3,200 approx. Rs. 22,000 onwards
Urban Cruiser E MT 2WD Petrol Rs. 10.85 Lakhs approx. Rs. 10.30 Lakhs approx. Rs. 2,500 approx. Rs. 19,500 onwards
Toyota Innova Crysta Rs. 19.90 Lakhs approx. Rs. 18.90 Lakhs approx. Rs. 8,500 approx. Rs. 48,000 onwards
Camry Hybrid Rs. 46.15 Lakhs approx. Rs. 43.85 Lakhs approx. Rs. 15,000 approx. Rs. 73,500 onwards
Fortuner (2.7L) 4x2 MT Petrol Rs. 33.40 Lakhs approx. Rs. 31.30 Lakhs approx. Rs. 10,700 approx. Rs. 60,800 onwards

Disclaimer: The pricing of Toyota car insurance for various models may fluctuate based on factors such as the vehicle's year of registration, model variant, fuel type, regional transport office (RTO), chosen coverage type, IDV, among others. The figures presented here are approximate and are provided for illustrative purposes only. Actual prices may differ.

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More About Toyota Car Insurance Premium Calculator

Understanding the cost of car insurance is essential for every vehicle owner. This is why we offer a car insurance premium calculator to help estimate insurance premiums. Here's a closer look at how this tool works and why it's beneficial for Toyota owners:


What is a car insurance premium calculator?

A car insurance calculator is an online tool provided by insurance companies or aggregators to help customers estimate the cost of insurance premiums for their vehicles. These calculators take into account the car's make and model, age, engine capacity, location, and more to provide a reliable premium quote.


How does the Toyota car insurance premium calculator work?

These calculators are designed to simplify estimating insurance premiums for Toyota vehicles. They generate a customized insurance premium quote tailored to your circumstance based on the details about your car and personal information.

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Benefits of using Toyota car insurance premium calculator

  • The calculator provides a more precise estimate of insurance premiums by considering multiple factors.
  • The online nature of the calculator allows you to obtain insurance quotes quickly and conveniently without the need to visit an insurance company’s office.
  • It can also give you insight into the factors that influence insurance premiums, helping you understand how different variables affect the cost of coverage.
  • The calculator allows you to adjust different parameters, such as coverage levels and deductibles. This enables you to compare quotes and choose the insurance plan that best suits your needs and budget.

Tips to use Toyota car insurance calculator

  • Ensure you input correct details about your Toyota vehicle and personal information to obtain the most accurate premium estimate.
  • Take the time to review different coverage options available and adjust them as needed to see how they impact your insurance premium.
  • Use the calculator to compare quotes from different insurers to find the most competitive rates and coverage options for your Toyota car.

Steps to Buy/Renew Toyota Car Insurance

Purchasing or renewing your Toyota car insurance through RenewBuy requires you to follow a simple and hassle-free process. Here are the steps involved:

  • Choose a Toyota car insurance provider. You can connect with RenewBuy's partners by visiting our official website.
  • Opt for the 'New Car Insurance' or ‘Renew Car Insurance’ option.
  • Fill out the form with accurate information and proceed to view the available prices.
  • Review the various Toyota car insurance plans offered and select the one that aligns with your budget and coverage requirements. Additionally, include add-on covers to enhance your insurance coverage.
  • Verify the remaining details and proceed to make the payment.