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Tata Car Insurance: Buy and Renew Your Tata Car Insurance Online

Tata Motors started out as TELCO 70 years back and with India’s first 100% indigenous car, the Indica it stamped its authority as an important player in the private car segment. While Tata Nano was India’s cheapest car, its latest entrants the Harrier and the Nexon are doing brilliantly well in their respective segments.

Why is car insurance crucial?

A car in today’s life is just inevitable. It is a fact that having your vehicle reduces our day to day travel expenditures, but it is equally important that we insure our vehicle against any third party liability. Having your vehicle insured is an intelligent step towards complete protection.

Keeping in mind all the problems and issues that may crop up while owning a vehicle, Tata Car Insurance has come up with good policies for protecting the vehicle you love. The fact that Tata Car Insurance offers policies for specific needs makes it stand apart from its contemporaries. The various plans offered by Tata Car Insurance company include the ones for private car insurance, two wheelers insurance, and commercial vehicle insurance.

Key features of Tata Car insurance:

  1. Specific protections for personal needs with unique add ons, something that is offered by no other company
  2. Road side assistance covered at minimal rates at all times
  3. Policy coverage for even repairing glass or fibre parts of the vehicle
  4. Easy and swift Tata car insurance renewal
  5. Enhanced protection through a wide area of coverage and immediate response
  6. 5% discount on the Own Damage Premium if you are a member of Automobile Association of India
  7. Hassle free and transparent transactions always
  8. Policy covers almost all expenditure in case of a mishap
  9. Tata insurance policies are well known for its simplicity, efficient Tata car insurance renewal, and easy online access. The insurance companies authorised service centres are spread across the country and are operational with the latest modern day tools and amenities.

The top five most insured models of Tata Motors:

  1. Tata Nano: Designated as the most fuel efficient car, the Tata Nano also boasts of the best in class AC. Because of its reputation as a small family car, it becomes crucial to protect your loved ones with proper insurance for the Nano.
  2. Tata Indica: Well known for the comfort and convenience, the super mini car enthrals its customers with impressive boot space and performance. The hatch series available for a few lakhs continues to lure the car enthusiasts and still tops the list of one of the most chosen cars for long distance commuting.
  3. Tata Indigo: With stylish exteriors and elegant interiors, the Tata Indigo is dominating the roads in India. The sedan series car with immense power and unique safety features, Tata Indigo, is one of the most sought after vehicle in the market today.
  4. Tata Manza:  Available at a nominal price of a few lakh rupees, this sedan car has continuously attracted enthusiastic drivers from all around with its compact shape, black and plum interiors and royal style.
  5. Tata Safari Décor: The utility vehicle from Tata, the Tata Safari Décor is a perfect combination of technology, power and suspension. The company launched the model with an improved mileage of 14.1 km/l (overcoming the issue of low mileage of its predecessors) and a fuel tank capacity of 63 L ensuring you travel long distance without worrying about refuelling.
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