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Why You Should Apply For Driving License Online?

Why You Should Apply For Driving License Online in 2019? Driving License is one of the most important and mandatory documents that every Indian Driver must possess while driving their vehicle on…

Why You Should Apply For Driving License Online in 2019?

Driving License is one of the most important and mandatory documents that every Indian Driver must possess while driving their vehicle on Indian Roads. Driving without driving license is an offense which is punishable under the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988. Every citizen who want to apply for driving license first has to obtain a learner’s driving license first. Once you have obtained a learner’s driving license, after completion of 30 days you shall be eligible for obtaining a permanent driving license.

As Driving License is an important and mandatory document it often is also used as identity proof such as Passport or Aadhaar Card. So, it makes it even more important for you to apply for driving license.

The issuance of driving license in India is in the hands of State Government, however the Indian Government in recent years have worked immensely upon making the procedure of issuance of driving license easier. In recent years, government has established online driving license portal that helps in obtaining DL easily through government channel.

The entire process of applying DL online is a simple, quick and hassle-free process. The first step in obtaining license is to go for learning license apply online for this the applicant has to visit the government website ‘Sarathi’ and has to undergo 5 stages of driving license online application procedure. The 5 stages involved in the online driving license procedure are as under:

  • Filling up of form: The first stage for obtaining online driving license is to fill driving license online application form. You can find this form on the ‘Sarathi’ website. On clicking the link, the drop-down menu will showcase a list of services offered by the website. Click on the ‘New License’ tab for fresh application. You shall be directed towards learning license apply online webpage, here you have to enter all the required relevant information like Name, Address, Date of Birth etc.
  • Uploading documents required for learning driving license: Once you have filled the driving license online application form successfully then you need to upload supporting documents. Following is the list of documents required for learning driving license.
    • Proof of Address (any one from: Passport, Ration Card, Aadhaar Card, Gas Bill etc.)
    • Proof of Age (any one from: Passport, Birth Certificate, Aadhaar Card, School Leaving Certificate, Life Insurance Policy, etc.)
  • Uploading photo and signature: After uploading all the required documents for application of driving license online, then the next step includes uploading scanned copies of your photograph and signature. This step is necessary as your photo and signature appears on the face of your driving license.
  • Driving Test Slot Booking: the next step in online DL apply is to book a convenient slot for giving driving test. Undergoing a driving test for obtaining learning license and subsequently online driving license is necessary. For booking the test slot the applicant has to enter the application number and date of birth, post this the applicant shall receive verification code which they have to submit after which they can book the driving test slot.
  • Payment: the last stage in the learning license apply online procedure is ‘Payment’. In this stage, the applicant has to pay the required application fees for processing online dl apply. The payment option can be found under ‘e-payment’ menu on the ‘Sarathi’ website.

Finally, you need to visit the concerned RTO and give driving test for obtaining your learning license. When you succeed in the driving test your online driving license application shall be processed further. Thus, in this manner, you can easily apply for online driving license. From the above article you must have understood that gone are the days where you had to wait in long queues in front of the RTO office for submitting the driving license form or for giving learning license driving test, as the government has made the entire process transparent and hassle-free by making it online. The online application procedure makes the entire process of obtaining learning licence or permanent driving license smooth. You are required to fill only few details and within few clicks you are all set to give driving test. Kindly note, the test consists of writing test, interview and test to understand your driving skills. The written test and interview are mandatory for all applicants while the driving test is mandatory at the time of obtaining learning license to be used for personal use.

To conclude we can say the government has made it easier for applicants to avail driving license. the reason you should apply for driving license online in 2019 are: the online process is quick, simple, hassle-free and convenient.

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