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Chevrolet, colloquially known as the Chevy, has fast replaced Ford as the best-selling car in the United States. The performance, stability and the appeal that the Chevrolet cars have to offer is unmatched which is quite evident from the number of Chevrolet cars on the road as well. The Chevrolet cars sold in the automobile markets across the globe deal in the production and sale of almost all segments of vehicles – from small hatchbacks to commercial trucks. With the motto of “A car for every purse and purpose”, Chevrolet has become the pride of General Motors.

Chevrolet has gained the interest and trust of car enthusiasts across the globe. If you are one of the Chevy heads and loves the car a lot, then the least possible thing you can do is get a Chevrolet Car Insurance. The Chevrolet Car Insurance is known for the top notch services provided and the 360-degree protection offered by the company. In the present scenario, a trusted insurance is imperative to drive with confidence and peace of mind. Beyond this, having an insurance policy guarantees to help you keep the car in the best possible condition always.

Key Features of the Chevrolet car insurance:


24/7 roadside assistance at very nominal rates


Added cash back feature on reliance insurance


Facility to renew Chevrolet Car Insurance online within a few taps/clicks


Enjoy cashless garage services in over 2300 service centres across the country


Option to retain no claim bonus even after a claim


Streamlined, easy, transparent transactions

The American Company founded by Louis Chevrolet and William C Durant in 1911, established them in India on June 6, 2003 and continues to manufacture their cars in Gujarat.

Top five most insured Chevrolet models:

The top five cars of Chevrolet that sees a lot of applications to renew Chevrolet car insurance online are:


Chevrolet Beat:

With technologically advanced features improving both the performance and driver's experience Chevrolet beat has become an iconic model. The car is available in seven vibrant colours and is well known for the versatile design, sculpted wheel arches and spoke alloy wheels.


Chevrolet Spark:

The entry level car is without a doubt dominating the Indian roads. Though it's quite similar to its predecessors on design aspects, yet it comes with added feature of fog lamps and chrome finished grills on the exteriors.


Chevrolet Cruze:

Selling under the tagline "For Those Who Do Their Own Thinking" the latest sedan car from Chevrolet has raised the bar for safety, performance, style and technology. The projection fog lamps, LED daytime running lights, new front grille, and other notable features creates a whole new dimension to a luxury car.


Chevrolet Enjoy:

Customised especially for the Indian market and the Indian roads, the MUV is available in diesel engine. The curvy design complements the elegant interior of the car. The three-dimensional chrome grille with the gold bow tie logo makes it all the more appealing.


Chevrolet Sail:

Amazingly engineered the model gives a refreshing driving experience to its users. Styled with elegance and class, the model comes packed with excellent boot space, luxuriously new interiors and SMARTECH engine that provide excellent driving and riding comfort.