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New India Assurance Motor Insurance

As motor insurance is an essential part of our life, choosing the right coverage policy is always recommended. In India, it is a law to have a valid insurance for a motor vehicle. Without this documentation, you cannot ply your vehicle on the road. Because of the dramatic increase in the number of automobiles on the road many providers have started offering motor insurance. New India Assurance Motor Insurance is one such motor insurance policy company that offers great plans at affordable price points.

Today we look at some key features and facilities provided by New India Assurance Motor Insurance.

This insurance agreement covers all sorts of vehicles running on public roads such as:-

  • Two Wheelers
  • Private Cars
  • All types of commercial vehicles
  • Motor Trade (for vehicles in showrooms and garages)

New India Assurance Vehicle Insurance has two kinds of coverage features that you can choose:

  • Liability Insurance

    This coverage defends you from the loss or damage which you might cause to a third person in the case of an accident. Any damage to the property belonging to the third party person too is covered in this plan.

  • The Package Policy

    This policy includes coverage for the loss or damage in the insured vehicle together with providing coverage mentioned in the liability insurance.

Know more about the Liability Only policy:

As mentioned above the liability only policy is unique. It offers relief for the third party involved in an accident with the insured vehicle. It extends to both the person as well as the property damaged in the accident.

  • Damage to property of third party person: In this case, liability will be a max of Rs 7.5 lacs (commercial motor vehicle or private cars) or Rs 1 lakh (for two-wheelers)
  • Bodily injury or death of a third party person: In this case, the max amount is set to unlimited.

The policy even pays for towing expenses from the site of the accident to the workshop up to the utmost limit of Rs 300/- for Motorcycles/Scooters and Rs 1500/- for commercial vehicles and cars. You can also pay an extra premium and opt for higher towing charges.

What are the exclusions?

  • Routine usage leading to wear and tear of parts
  • If driver meets with an accident under the influence of a banned substance like liquor or drugs
  • If insured party enters into a sub-agreement (like with a cab aggregator business) then any accident in the duration of the agreement being in force, will not be considered for compensation. 

New India Assurance Insurance Renewal

Through the quick online facility of New India Assurance insurance renewal, you stay assured and stress-free. No- claim Bonuses (NCB) are presented on the renewal of the policy, ranging between 20% and 50%, depending on the number of years for which no claim has been made and also the type of vehicle. New India Assurance motor insurance renewal is what you will need to do every year to avail its benefits on a regular basis.