SBI Arogya Plus Policy

SBI Arogya Plus Policy

  • 6,000+ Cashless Hospitals
  • Covid-19 Treatment Covered
  • Coverage for HIV/AIDS

SBI Arogya Plus Policy

SBI Arogya Plus policy is a comprehensive health insurance plan that offers financial protection to policyholders from rising medical expenses of hospitalization and OPD. SBI Arogya Plus policy comes in two plan types, i.e., an individual and family floater, with various coverage benefits to the policyholders. SBI Arogya Plus policy is designed to cater for the healthcare needs of families and individuals. It covers various healthcare expenses such as in-patient hospitalization, domiciliary hospitalization, AYUSH treatment, etc. In the below sections, we have explained the SBI Arogya Plus policy in detail.

Highlights of the SBI Arogya Plus Plan

Below mentioned are the highlights of the SBI Arogya Plus Insurance Policy:

  • Entry Age

    3 months to 65 Years

  • Renewability


  • Policy Type

    Individual and Family Floater

  • Sum Insured

    1L, 2L, 3L

  • Policy Term

    1, 2, 3 Years

  • Waiting Period for PED

    3 years

Eligibilities to buy SBI Arogya Plus Policy

Below mentioned is the eligibility of the SBI Arogya Plus Policy:

  • Individual
  • Family Floater

Entry Age: 3 months to 65 months

Entry Age: 3 months to 65 months

Policy Term: 1,2,3 Years

Policy Term: 1,2,3 Years

Coverage Benefits Offered Under SBI Arogya Plus Policy

SBI Arogya Plus Policy provides various coverage benefits for various medical expenses incurred by the insured. Below mentioned are the coverage benefits offered under the SBI Arogya Plus Policy:

  • 1L, 2L, 3L

Room Rent


ICU Charges



Covered up to 60 Days


Covered up to 90 Days

Domiciliary Hospitalization


Daycare Treatments

141 Daycare Treatment Covered

Covid-19 Treatment


AYUSH Treatment


Maternity Expenses

Covered up to OPD limit

Genetic Disorder

Covered up to INR 50K

Congenital Diseases

Covered up to 10% of the Sum Insured

Modern Treatment

12 modern treatments covered

Ambulance Cover

Covered up to INR 1.5K


Applicable on mental illnesses

SBI Arogya Plus Policy Exclusions

Below mentioned is the list of diseases and conditions that are not covered under the SBI Arogya Plus policy:

  • Treatment took outside India
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Admission primarily for Investigation and evaluation
  • Expenses related to obesity
  • Change of gender treatment
  • War and war-like situation
  • Unproven treatment
  • Refractive error
  • Breach of Law
  • Sterility and infertility
  • Participation in hazardous or adventurous sports

Coverage after Waiting Period

Given below are the coverage benefits offered under the SBI Arogya Premier policy after a certain waiting period:

Coverage Benefits Waiting Period
Initial Waiting Period 30 Days
Specific Diseases 24 Months and 90 Days
Pre-Existing Diseases 48 Months

SBI Arogya Plus Policy Additional Benefits

SBI Arogya Plus policy offers various additional benefits along with coverage benefits. Below mentioned are the additional benefits offered under the SBI Arogya Plus policy:

  • Coverage for HIV/AIDS: Policyholders will get coverage for the medical expenses incurred due to in-patient treatment of HIV/AIDS. SBI Arogya Plus policy offer coverage against HIV/AIDS up to the sum insured amount
  • Requires No Medical Checkup: Customers need not undergo a pre-screening medical checkup before buying SBI Arogya Plus Policy. A pre-screening medical checkup is compulsory for customers more than 55 years of age.
  • In-patient Hospitalization: SBI Arogya Plus plan covers all the expenses incurred during the hospitalization, such as blood, Anesthesia, operation theatre expenses, oxygen, medicines and consumables, surgical appliances, x-ray, diagnostic expenses, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, dialysis, cost of a pacemaker, dressing, prosthesis/internal implants, ordinary splints, plaster casts, etc.

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