Star Young Star Health Insurance Plan

Star Young Star Health Insurance Plan

  • No-Pre Medical Test Required
  • Only 1 Year of Waiting Period
  • Health Coverage for Entire Family

Star Young Star Health Insurance Plan

Young Star Insurance Policy is specially designed for young people up to the age of 40 years. Young Star Silver Plan and Young Star Gold Plan are the two variants available under this plan which are offered on individual and family floater basis. Young Star Insurance policy offers various benefits, such as incentive-based wellness programs, annual health check-ups, daily hospital cash, renewal discounts and more.

Young Star Insurance Policy offers comprehensive coverage at an affordable premium and a lifetime renewal feature so that you can easily renew your Star Health Young Star Insurance plan. The policyholder can choose the Gold or Silver plan variant depending on his/her requirements. Young Star insurance policy also offers various premium payment options such as monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly, biennially (once every two years), or triennially (once every three years).

Highlights of Star Young Star Policy

Below-mentioned are the highlights of Star Young Star Insurance Policy:

  • Entry Age

    Adult: 18 Years to 40 Years, Dependent Child: 91 Days to 25 years (Floater)

  • Renewability


  • Policy Type

    Individual and Family Floater

  • Sum Insured

    Individuals: INR 3L to 1Cr Family Floater: 5L to 1Cr

  • Policy Term

    1, 2, 3 Years

  • Waiting Period for PED

    1 year

Eligibility Criteria Criteria to buy Star Young Star Insurance Plan

Below mentioned is the eligibility criteria of Star Health Insurance Young Star:

  • Individual
  • Family Floater

Entry Age: 18 to 40 Years

Entry Age: 18 to 40 Years for adults, 91 days to 25 years for dependent children

Coverage Benefits Offered Under Star Young Star Insurance Policy

Star Health Insurance Young Star Plan comes in two different plan variants that allow you to customize your star health young star plan as per your need. Take a look at the below section to learn more about the coverage benefits of Star Young Star Health Insurance:

  • Star Health Young Star Silver Plan
  • Star Health Young Star Gold Plan
  • 3L-1Cr
  • 3L-1Cr

Room Rent

Single AC Private Room

ICU Charges



Covered up to 60 Days


Covered up to 90 Days

Daycare Treatments

All Daycare Treatments Covered

Automatic Restoration

Up to 100% of SI

Modern Treatment


No Claim Bonus

Available up to 100% of SI

Ambulance Cover




Health Checkup



Applied on Modern Treatments

Star Young Star Insurance Policy Exclusion

Below mentioned are the permanent exclusions of star young star insurance policy:

  • Infertility and in vitro fertilization
  • Treatment of ENT, hydrocele, thyroid, varicocele, hernia, piles, etc
  • Surgical treatment of obesity
  • Gender change treatment
  • Cosmetic or plastic surgery

Additional Benefits Under Star Young Star Insurance Plan

Star Health Insurance offers a wide range of benefits. Young Star Plan guarantees to take care of all your medical needs. Below mentioned are some of the additional benefits of the star young star insurance policy:

  • Mid-Term Inclusion: The Star Health Young Star policy enables the policyholder to add additional family members, such as a newly married spouse, a newborn child, or a legally adopted child, by paying an additional premium amount. Within 45 days (90 days in the case of a newborn child) of the date of occurrence, the same should be intimated to the insurance provider.
  • Increased in Sum Insured: A 25% increase in the policyholder's base Sum Insured will be given if the policyholder is involved in a road traffic accident that results in in-patient hospitalization. The amount increment is capped at INR 10 lakhs.
  • Star Wellness Program: The healthy lifestyle of the insured is rewarded by the plan through various wellness activities. One can also use their earned health points to get a discount on the renewal premium. The discount on premiums offered by the Wellness Program is displayed in the following table:
Wellness Points Discount in Premiums
200 to 350 2%
351 to 600 5%
601 to 750 7%
751 to 1000 10%

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