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Buy the Best Individual Health Insurance Plan Online

Life is full of uncertainty, and anything can happen at any hour. Hence, we need to assure ourselves that we are safe and secure financially in the form of health insurance. Getting individual health insurance is a smart step to lead a happy and secure life.

Benefits of Individual Health Insurance Policy

As the name suggests, an individual health insurance policy covers only one member of the household. 

In general, the premium of individual health insurance plans is a little more than that of the family health insurance plan. This policy can be extended to any family member such as children, spouse, parents, etc. The policyholder is entitled to get the benefits until the plan lapses. The best individual health insurance plan is a must-have product for the older people of the family, where the health risk is high.

The Key Features of this Policy are:

  • Any relative between 5 to 60 years can take the benefit of this plan, but the premium amount will differ from provider to provider.
  • If you need to insure two family members, you will need to have two separate individual health coverage plans. This contrasts with the family floater plan, where one policy provides coverage to the entire family.
  • It is available with a lifelong renewal option.
  • It also covers ICU charges, accommodation expenses, tests and procedure costs, ambulance charges, etc.
  • Customers can avail of tax-saving advantages under section 80D of the Income Tax Act for individual health coverage.

Importance of Individual Health Insurance Plan:

An individual health insurance policy is defined as a distinct policy for each of the family members. Individual health insurance is for health and financial wellness and provides coverage for unexpected medical expenses. If you are yet to have health insurance, you need to obtain it fast.

Why is it Important to have the Best Individual Health Insurance?

  • For Good Health: An Individual Health Insurance Plan protects you from financial hassles and enables access to prompt and quality medical care in case of an illness before it blows up to a chronic condition. Another plus point is that health insurance is open to private hospitals and not just government hospitals.
  • Proactive Rather than Reactive Care for Health: By having an individual health insurance policy, the insured person is encouraged to go for a timely diagnostic check-up and thus take better care of his/her health.
  • Pharmacy Expenses are Taken Care: No need to worry anymore about expensive drugs being a barrier to the superior quality of health care. An individual health insurance policy will take care of the pharmaceutical expenses too.

The benefits of going for an personal health insurance plan far outweigh the costs involved. It shows an immense value if the coverage is for a senior family member. It provides financial protection to your loved one at the apt time of need and encourages a positive outlook towards a better quality of health care.

If you need more information on an health insurance policy, do connect with us at RenewBuy. Our team will be at your service to solve all doubts about this insurance policy and enable a smarter health insurance buying decision.

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