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Mediclaim Policy: Compare & Buy Best Mediclaim Policy Online

Your family’s health is the priority for you. Are you sure that you are adequately equipped to take care of them when they need it the most?

Check out the options in Mediclaim for senior citizens offered by various insurance providers at RenewBuy, use the Mediclaim policy premium calculator, and get quotes from known insurance companies.

As a customer, when you get the power to compare Mediclaim policy, you can be assured of the right decision-making process in buying the same. Make an informed choice to take care of the hospitalization costs of your near and dear ones.

In today’s age of skyrocketing medical bills, for even routine hospitalization, lack of planning can burn a big hole in your pocket as your savings will deplete severely in paying your loved one’s hospital bills. You cannot afford to let this scenario happen in your life. It would help if you took adequate protection to safeguard your financial sanity and continue providing quality treatment to your family member. This is the primary USP of the best Mediclaim policy in India for family.

What is a Mediclaim Policy?

A Mediclaim policy is a type of health insurance that covered all expenses during a medical emergency, including hospital bills, surgery, and accident.

Types of Mediclaims:

A Mediclaim policy requires a minimum of 24 hours of hospitalization for the insured to file a claim. It is evident that by opting for in-patient care, you may have racked up a big medical bill. A Mediclaim policy seeks to protect you financially by taking care of the medical and hospital bills without you having to resort to desperate measures like withdrawing your savings, breaking your FD, or availing a loan.

If you need a financial cushion in such difficult times, you can opt for a Mediclaim policy. This type of policy lets you two options to process the claims:

Reimbursement: In this type, you are reimbursed for medical bills once the insured person is discharged or after the treatment is concluded. You can inform the insurance company before the hospitalization or during the treatment. When you file a claim, in this case, you need to provide a complete set of documents along with hospital bills, medicines bills, doctor’s notes, and discharge papers, and post-discharge care details. Keeping detailed documentation at the time of hospitalization itself is a good way to build a strong case for claiming reimbursement under the Mediclaim policy for the family.

Cashless Mediclaim: In this type, you can have the insured person admitted to one of the hospitals empanelled by the insurance company (as a partner hospital) and get a cashless treatment facility. Under this, the insurance provider will settle the bill directly (either in part or in full). So, in case of full cashless settlement in a Mediclaim policy for senior citizens, you not need to pay anything to the partner hospital at the time of discharge.

Timing is everything in a cashless settlement. You need to ensure that you begin the process well before the hospitalization to process the cashless settlement successfully. Here are a few basic steps in the cashless mediclaim policy is the best Mediclaim policy in India –

  • Get a pre-authorization form from the insurance desk at the hospital 
  • Fill and submit with accurate and relevant details 
  • The copy will be signed by the hospital doctor and sent to the Third-Party Administrator (TPA), that works intermediary between the hospital and the insurance company or the insurance company 
  • Post-processing, the company will approve a certain amount that can be utilized to settle the payment directly with the hospital.

Usually, cashless treatment adds low value in case of unplanned or extreme emergencies that require immediate admission. For such cases, reimbursement is a viable option.

Mediclaim Policy Coverage

  1. Sum Insured: All hospitalization costs are paid out to the extent of the sum insured. If you have senior members in the house, it makes sense to go for a higher sum insured. Coverage is extended to hospital charges, room rent, daycare treatment, pre-hospitalization (30 days before admission) and post-hospitalization (60 days after discharge) care, and doctor’s fees.
  2. Room: Though it differs from provider to provider, generally, a limit of 1% of the sum insured is applied to the room rent. So, if your sum insured is Rs. 2 lakhs, then you can opt for a daily room rent coverage of Rs. 2,000. Make sure that your room rent matches with the sum insured to prevent out of pocket payments post-discharge.
  3. Co-payment: Check the co-payment clause for your Mediclaim policy. It ranges from 10% to 30% of the amount. This is the amount that you choose to pay upfront to settle medical bills. The insurance company will bear any amount over and above this. Generally, Co-payment kicks in at higher ages of the insured.
  4. Exclusions: Knowing about the exclusions at the time of buying the policy will prevent any nasty surprises when filing a claim. Most companies keep situations like attempted suicide, sexually transmitted diseases, alcohol/ drug addiction, etc. out of the coverage.
  5. Network Coverage: The more hospitals in your proximity under the provider’s network, the better it is for you. Make sure to study which hospitals are partnered with your chosen Mediclaim insurance company, and then select one with the good network coverage. This will help you avail of a cashless treatment without any hassles.

Advantages of Mediclaim policy

1. Cashless treatment possible: This is one of the biggest attractions of a Mediclaim policy. You can avail of quality health care and not spend a penny out of your pocket if you have protection in the form of a Mediclaim policy.

2. Suits many needs: You get two types of plans in a Mediclaim policy

  • Individual plan: This states that the policy will apply to the hospitalization costs of one insured person only. If another person in the family needs hospitalization, he/ she cannot claim the benefits of the coverage.
  • Family floater plan: The policy will apply to the hospitalization costs of your family members. The coverage will apply to all the family members who need hospitalization is covered under the plan.

3. Income tax deductions: Mediclaim premium paid is eligible for tax deductions under section 80D. Make sure you take a deduction under this section for income tax benefit. 

4. High-quality Health Care: Shortage of funds need not be a barrier to quality healthcare at a good hospital for your loved one. The Mediclaim will protect you from high medical bills and prescribed medications. With sum insured of as much as Rs. 50 lakhs possible, you can be assured of financial stability in these trying times.

Exclusions and Waiting Periods:

The below aspects are out of the coverage of a Mediclaim.

  1. Non-medical expenses
  2. 30-day waiting periods for any claim other than an accident.
  3. Sexually transmitted diseases
  4. Cosmetic or plastic surgery
  5. Any condition that occurs because of war, nuclear attack, or terrorist attack
  6. Health issues related to alcohol or drug abuse
  7. Most companies have specific waiting periods for diseases like cataract, hernia etc.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Insured person should be between 91 days and 65 years
  2. Claims allowed only on hospitalization costs
  3. Coverage for pre-existing conditions only after a waiting period of 4-5 years

Why Should You Buy a Mediclaim Policy from RenewBuy?

Check out RenewBuy website to compare and buy the best Mediclaim policy as per your specific needs. You can do a side-by-side comparison of all the major Mediclaim insurance policies available in India. This way, you can pick one after thorough research, rather than simply selecting one at random. Such an informed buying process lets you save money and align your policy with your requirement. What’s more, you can be assured of unbiased and expert suggestions in case of any doubts.

Our customer care centre is equipped to deal with any query or doubts that you may have when you are zeroing in on the best Mediclaim policy for the family. We make the entire policy purchase process a hassle-free one.

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